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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Energy-The Basis of Character” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

There is a famous speech recorded of an Old Norse Nan, thoroughly characteristic of the Teuton. “I believe neither in idols nor demons,” said he, “I put my sole trust in my own strength of body and soul” The ancient crest of a pickaxe with the motto of “Either I will find a way or make one”, was an expression of the same sturdy independence which to, this day distinguishes the descendants of the Norsemen. Indeed, nothing could be more characteristic of the Scandinavian mythology, than that it had a God with a hammer. A man’s character is seen in small matters, and from even so slight a test as the mode in which a man wields a hammer, his energy may in some measure be inferred. Thus, an eminent French man hits off in a single phrase the characteristic quality of the inhabitants of a particular district in which a friend of his proposed to settle and buy land. “Beware,” said he; “of making a purchase there; I know the men of that department; the pupils who come from it to our veterinary school at Paris do not strike hard upon the anvil; they want energy; and you will not get a satisfactory return on any capital you may invest there.” A fine and just appreciation of character, indicating the thoughtful observer; and strikingly illustrative of the fact that it is the energy of the individual men that gives strength to a State, and confers a value even upon the very soil which they cultivate.

The cultivation of this quality is of the greatest importance; resolute determination in the’ pursuit of worthy objects being the foundation of all true greatness of character. Energy enables a man to force his way through irksome drudgery and dry details, and carries him onward and upward in every station of life. It accomplishes more than genius, with not one-half the disappointment and peril. It is not eminent talent that is required to ensure success in any pursuit, so much as purpose — not merely the power to achieve, but, the will to labour energetically and perseveringly. Hence, energy of will may be defined to be the very central power of character in a man — in a word, it is the Man himself. It gives impulse to his every action and soul to every effort. Thus, hope is based on it, and it is hope that gives the real perfume to life.


Energy-The Basis of Character

The belief that Norsemen have trust in pure strength is amply revealed by the fact that their God is represented carrying hammer. Strength is an impression of sturdy independence and this is maintained by Norsemen to the present day. Energy is an extremely important quality in a truly great character. It is the energetic individuals who make a state strong. Energy can accomplish more than even genius and talent, what matters in life is not the power to achieve but the will to work ceaselessly for the goal. This needs energy. A good and minute observer can understand the character of a person by seeing his trivial actions. The cultivation of this quality (energy) is of paramount importance as it provides the resolution so badly needed in pursuit of noble objects and in the very basis of true and great character.


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