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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Tipu’s Succession to Throna” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Higher classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

Although, Tipu had long been recognised as successor to his father and ascended the throne without opposition, it was still the throne of a usurper. For the maintenance of his authority, it was necessary to support a greater military establishment than the revenues of the country could afford and the expedient with naturally presented itself was an extension to territory. Of his actual possessions, too, much had been wrested from the dominions of neighbouring states who were naturally eager to seize on the first opportunity of regaining what they had lost of these states, almost all professed a religion different f:om his own and this was also the religion of the majority subjects. It was, therefore, almost entirely on the zeal and attachment to his Moslem adherents that he depended not only or success but for security; and to secure their exertions, the most effectual method was to blend religion with politics. Hence, all his wars became crusades. The extension of faith became, of course, the motive and the apology for unprincipled aggression. And really, if we consider this pretext of the Sultan with reference to others made use of by kings and emperors nearer home, we do not see that it losses much by the comparison. Would it have been better if he had pretended that the distracted state of a neighbouring country had imperiously prescribed it to him, as a duty to humanity to put a stop to intensive commotion by taking military possession? Should we have thought more favourably of him, if he had announced that Nature had marked out the limits of empire by distinct boundaries; and that in extending his authority over all the countries south of the Godavari, which has unquestionably the particular river Nature intended he was only the instrument of fulfilling the divine intention? Would it even have been much better, if he had given out that the legal authority of the Peshwa having been unduly weakened by insubordination of his feudatory chiefs, if became necessary for him to enlace matters on their former footing, by establishing a vigorous Government in the person of his own brother ? — Though the case, to be sure, would have been different, if taking it for granted that the Maharattas were on the point of ceasing on the defenceless country or the Niamh, and thereby increasing their power, already too formidable, he had only stepped in notwithstanding his unalterable affection for his august and venerable ally, to avert the blow, by seizing on as much of it as he could for himself.


Tipu’s Succession to Throna

Tipu ascended the throne of his father without any opposition. Even then he was known as usurper. The rule of Tipu was largely due to a well-ordered army which was otherwise very expensive for him to maintain. His kingdom comprised areas conquered by him from his neighbours who were mostly Hindus. This was also the religion of most of his subjects. He had, therefore, to draw support from his own religious men. That is why be waged his war on the basis of religion. Tipu’s aggression was more or Jess on the same lines as the aggression waged by most of the European kings. This was to cause internal disorder in the neighbourly state and extend the boundaries of his state according to geo-graphical contiguity and thereafter, to establish a strong government there to replace the government which lost its influence.


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