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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 6

6Assam is primarily an agricultural State. Agriculture sustains about 72 per cent of its population but only one third of its area is cropped. The plains here are for growing rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton banana, tobacco etc. On the hills, apart from great potential of growing variety  of fruits, we have colorful orchids and among the commercial crops tea, jute sugarcane cotton and potato and ginger are important. With these favorable features and its new structure the University is well set to bring science to the service of the rural areas of the State.

The primary function of any University is to seek knowledge to create knowledge and to disseminate and apply it for the welfare of mankind. While the Agricultural university shares this broad based function of a university, it has to fulfill its role by becoming an instrument in agricultural and rural development and through it in the growth and prosperity of the state if serves. Education in such a university has to be concerned with the training of the youth who will occupy important positions in shaping agricultural policy, in agricultural research in administration and in a wide range of agricultural services. There is no denying the fact that in a country like India, which is predominantly agricultural development is the bed rock on which the nation’s progress and prosperity stand. Therefore, the content and quality of education imparted in agricultural universities will exercise a profound influence on all aspects of our development.

Agricultural universities should show a marked willingness to change as the country’s needs change. Agricultural situation in the country will face challenges of an unprecedented nature needing appropriate adjustments in strategy, development if resources kinds of products to be produced and processed and services to be rendered to the rearming community. The programmers of the University will have to keep on adjusting to meet such changing needs.

If agricultural scientists can respond to the challenges which tend to effect or make uncertain the crop yields, a basic pre requisite of steady programs would be made. The production of food grains in 1970-71 was 108 million tones. In 1973-74 it was 103. The increase in population of about million tones of additional f9oodgrains every year in itself will require one million tons of additional food grains every year. With an increase of the per capita intake of 100 calories per day, India would require an additional five million tones food grains every year. Thus, we are facing a difficult situation.


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