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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 52

new-doc-47_10So far as the question of development is concerned, we are making efforts for that. Our friends Shri Dharm Pal 20 have mentioned about several schemes. We are discussing those schemes. I do not want to go into the matter as 40 to why they were not approved earlier but we have taken a decision that we would approve these schemes for 60 all the backward areas. Sir, I do not want to discuss it there but I would say that sometime we 80 feel that some people think as if we got heaven and we have made it hell during these two months. 100 I do not want to give reply to those people because it is not a question of allegations and counter 120 allegations by some individuals but it is the question of national prestige. And to save the national prestige I do 140 not want that we should tell the world that we have empty coffer. The people, who were making the country 160 heaven also know as to where they have taken the country to Members from this side also know the reality. 180 I would once again, like to say that we should not be compelled to inform the country and the world 200 about their misdeeds. We do not want to indulge in that thing because such thing bring disgrace to us as 220 and again but in spite of that we do not went to indulge in that controversy.

            One has to accept good and 260 evil when taking over charge of the Government. I am saying it note today only but when previous Government was 280 formed by my other colleagues I was also a small part of that Government. At that time also I said 300 the same thing that when a new government takes over that become responsible for ail the good and evil. It 320 is not that we should own the achievements and disown the failures. Their Government fell and we took over. 340 I have not learnt to blame others for the weakness of the Government. Those who curse the past cannot make 360 the future bright. This thing should be understood. That is why I do not criticize the previous Government.

            Our friend 380 from Bikaner was asking it repeatedly but I would like to say that it is wrong in principle and that 400 is why I do not want to go into those questions in spite of the constraints country work make progress 420 because we have the strength of people of our farmers and labourers.  


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