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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 48

new-doc-47_6With barely a day or two to go before the Centre has to start evicting out-of-turn allottees from 20 Government bungalows and flats in accordance with the Supreme Court’s order, the Government is caught in a piquant situation.

It is, on 40 the one hand, under tremendous pressure from the bureaucracy to promulgate an ordinance which would regularize the allotments the Supreme 60 Court has found fault with. On the other hand, any effort on its part to do so would inevitably be 80 challenged in court, with the Government being charged of contempt of court for trying to circumvent the Supreme Court’s order 100 to evict out-of-turn allotters by the third week of June.

What has further complicated matters for the Government 120 is the Supreme Court’s latest stand on the issue. When the centre approached the Court last Friday for “clarifications” about 140 allottees who were asked to vacate their premises but had since then become entitled to their premises but had since then become entitled to their accommodation, the judges said 160 that the
Government should make the allotment to them only after evicting them first. In another context, it noted that 180 it was for the Government to implement the court’s judgment.

The court has, in fact over a period of time 200 rejected as many as 30 review petitions which ranged from pleas that they be allowed to retain their accommodation on 220 humanitarian grounds to requests for waivers on the penal rents imposed on VIPs.

            Earlier, in accordance with the 240 apex court’s order of December 1996 that the irregular allottees be evicted within six months, eviction notices were served 260 on about 2,500 Government employees in the middle of March. The 90-day period given for vacating the premises 280 comes to an end on June 16 with the last batch of persons served notice having to evict them by 300 June 23. Should they fail to vacate these by the stipulated dates-as many of them have failed to do 320 so far-the Government was directed to evict them?

With the bureaucracy-particularly its top brass which comes in the 340 court verdict’s ambit-exerting its pressure on the government, the Centre has been examining the possibility of promulgating an ordinance 360 before the court’s deadline for the evictions sets in early this week.

While the draft text of the proposed ordinance has 830 already been vetted by the Prime Minister’s also reportedly called upon for their 400 views, President Shankar Dayal Sharma too appears to have been sounded about it, sources indicate.


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