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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 47

new-doc-47_5I would like to know only two or three things from the Hon’ble Minister. Going by the increase in the arrivals 20 have you made sufficient arrangements to regulate their purchase or to open more purchase points? At your first meeting, 40 did you formulate any purchase plan, keeping in mind the estimated production? It is the farmers who suffer most in 60 the absence of any such plan because they are in hurry to get their produce to the market. In the 80 absence of the purchaser in the market at that time, the farmer is compelled to sell off his produce at 100 very cheap and remunerative prices. This condition exists not only in this case but in other cases as well. I 120 would like to insist that if you have formulated any purchase plan in this regard, the farmers should be informed  140 about it. They should be informed about it with the help of various farmers organization.          

            You should see to it 160 that the farmers do not suffer as a result of the fall in prices due to increased arrivals in the 180 market. Many of our friends and the Hon’ble Minister in his statement has talked about some federations and it and was 200 mentioned here that these federations had sought the permission of the Government to directly export which would enable these federations 220 to protect the interests of the cotton growers in their respective regions. A lot of discussion in this regard has already 240 taken place. I would like to know whether this demand of theirs has been thoroughly examined because our cotton growers are 260 today at the mercy of big mill owners? Two kinds of pressures work on the Cotton Corporation of India. On 280 the one hand it has to bear the pressure of commercial organizations and on the other it has to help 300 farmers also. Thus two kinds of pressure work on it. However CCI are unable to put any 320 pressure on the mills. Under such circumstances, the private mill owners join together and create such a situation within the 340 scheme that the farmers are left with no option but to sell their produce at very cheap prices. My friend, 360 Shri Purohit, had said that the mill, were running at a loss, but going by the present situation, I do 380 not think that there would be even a single mill owner who would not Endeavor out to wipe out all 400 his previous losses.     


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