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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 43

new-doc-47_1If the direct cost and indirect cost is to be deducted. Then there is hardly any profit for the processed 20 goods and they will be benefited practically at a very marginal level, although on the goods manufactured tax deduction will 40 be allowed on proportion of the export turnover divided by the total turnover and the deduction is to be ascertained 60 on the basis of such proportion. It is difficult to understand as to why that formula is not adopted in 80 the case of trading goods. I will appeal to the Hon’ble Finance Minister to again consider the matter and have 100 a re-look into the position. In the case of total turnover many of these for example sales tax, excise duties 120 and other things are included, whereas in export turnover these are not included. In the case of proportion, unless like 140 is compared with the like how can you determine the proportion? Therefore for the total turnover, many of the items 160 which are not going to the export turnover have to be deducted. But what about the sales tax? What about 180 the excise duty and what about the other items which do not go into the export turnover?

I will appeal 200 to the Finance Minister to kindly look into the matter and if something can be done, this will be encouraging 220 the export industry.

In the case of hotel industry, it is true that, encouragement has been given to boost up 240 the hotel industry. If the hotelers take the money from any four conductors or the tourists within the foreign exchange 260 which has been sent from abroad, then they will be given the relief for deduction, under580 HHD. 280

This relief was insisted upon by the hotel industry long back. This has been given effect to, but only from April 1992. I will request the Hon’ble Finance Minister to kindly look into the matter and if 320 possible, extend the benefit not from April 1992 but from the day when section 80HHD 340 was introduced. Now in the case of the Hon’ble Finance Minister, he has tried to introduce the interest tax. Regarding the 360 tax to be deducted at source only the term deposit is now to attract such deductions. But what about the 380 different kinds of other term deposits on which tax is to be deducted at source? Except the bank interest, in respect 400 of other institutions tax is to be deducted at source regarding the interest on term deposits.      


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