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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 13

13I wanted to yield once for all. Then there is the question of right o work and our hon’ble friend who initiated the discussion at a very highly dignified level pointed out that this right to work is a fraud, I am sure on both sides people will realize that when we say that right to work should be introduced as Fundamental right in part III of the Constitution, it is a justifiable right. That means once you amend the constitution, next day if any youngster does not get work he can go to the Supreme court and the Supreme court can direct even the next day and tell the govt. to give them either work or give them unemployment allowance. Therefore, this demand about right to work came from all sides. Those of us who come from the working class movement and the kisan movement, who demanded and who demonstrated for that, even while demanding that we made it clear that if you armed to constitution on Monday, all over the country that right can be implemented from Tuesday onward. We have never told our supporters and followers this in the mass rallies of workers and kisans. All that we have said is that in order that this right should be implementable, the priority is to create a greater work potential starting with the villages, why should be implementable, the priority is to create a greater work potential starting with the villages why should we start with the villages? Our former finance minister Shri C.D. Deshmukh had rightly said that the unemployment figures which were revealed by the employment figures which were revealed by the employment exchanges in the cities were not the correct picture because it is only the educated in the urban areas who go and record their names. But as far as our rural population is only the concerned, Sometime they become so cynical of our employment exchanges, that they ask what is the use in recording or names? We are only hiding the stigma that we are unemployed. Therefore so many of them do not record their names.

131Therefore, Shri C.D. Deskmukh once said in this very House he was the former Finance Minister The figures of my employment exchange to not reveal the real unemployment, the concealed unemployment in the villages is not all revealed because it is not recorded in the employment exchange offices at all. Therefore, there is more unemployment in the villages” Therefore, I would like to say that we must make a beginning from somewhere. So, in Maharashtra of course it is under the Congress regime the Employment Guarantee Scheme was very effectively implemented.

We are the supporters. Even while sitting on the Opposition benches, my colleagues in the Maharashtra Assembly always supported the Employment Guarantee Scheme a d congratulated the Govt. For that scheme not forgetting that it was a congress govt. scheme. We insisted and we suggested some modifications. They were accepted. That ideal scheme was implemented in Maharashtra. Therefore, we have decided, in our manifesto, that it should be extended throughout the country. While extending throughout the country a begging has to be made from somewhere, therefore, we have given priority to those village and rural areas which are drought prone, famine prone. We shall take them up and try to see that the employment potential is increased, For that very reason, one of our radical friends asked: What is your model? Pours is the model which will suit the genius of India. We will not borrow the models from highly developed countries. We have the model that suits India. 70 percent of the population stays in the villages; Major chunk of unemployment comes from the rural areas. There is highly centralized planning and top heavy planning. Its implementation is not going to development, will be not development for the affluent people at the top and trickling down of the gains of development so that those whom stand with the bowls of begin at the lowest grass root get only the development gains by trickling. We have to reject that. Therefore, we are suggesting a model in which the large scale industries, small scale industries and the cottage industries will co-exist without co-destruction. Sometimes we have favored the because there is co-existence and co-destruction. If commodity which is allowed to be manufactured by the small scale sector, in that case there is competition and the small scale sector just dies. If you allow the cottage industry to product the same product which is being produced in the small scale sector, in the competition the cottage industry will just get destroyed Therefore we will try to have gradually in a phased manner, some sort of phased programmed for reservation of commodities for all the three sectors. We will take the big industries cement, iron, electricity, power all these are to be manufactured in the large scale sector. I am one among those and when I was speaking Prof. Ranga pleasantly interrupted. I said that the infrastructure of this country has to be built up.


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