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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 14

14I was submitting that at present our country’s foreign exchange reserve is Rs. 5000 crore only which is not sufficient to meet even two months import bill of our country. When we fail trod gear up our economy, the real value of our currency falls. As per my estimate the value of one rupee has now come down to 8 paisa only/ The Hon’ble finance minister has laid special stress in the budget on increasing the production so that inflation can be kept under control and the value of our currency could be raised. In order to stepping up production, a number of measures have been taken by the Hon’ble finance minister. These include concession to small scale industries, grant of subsidy for setting up industries in villages, concession in excise duty on the raw material such as thread for the weavers, etc. used by small scale industries, all such measures will help in stepping of production. Apart from this, 49 per cent of total budget outlay have been allocated for the agricultural sector. This has been done first time as previously not more than 15 per cent of the budget outlay was allocated for agriculture sector. Can they not see that difference? This is certainly going to bring drastic changes in the living conditions of the small and marginal farmers. The govt. has not only raised the budget allocation for rural sector, it is also going to implement waiver of loans up to Rs. 10,000 for the farmers. This is not a small achievement. When we included this in our election manifesto. Persons belonging to congress party ridiculed us as to how we would do that. But when the Janata Dal Govt. was formed in Haryana, it announced waiver of loans of up to 10,000 for farmers. Then not a word of praise was said by the congress party. Nor did they consider it a scheme to be worth adopting by them.

141In fact, this scheme of waiver loans is limited to the loans given by the public sector banks and regional rural banks only. Loans given by the cooperative banks do not come under this scheme as they come under domain of the state govt. but out hon’ble finance minister as stated in clear terns that the loans of cooperative banks will also be waived and in this connection he will hold constitutions with the state govt. and it need be, also provide financial assistance for this purpose to them. With the waiver of loans pertaining to public sector Banks, Regional Rural Banks and co-operative Banks, the farmers will feel liberated and work with a new fund zeal to produce more and more.

Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I would like to submit through you that the previous congress govt. do not provide any incentives to the farmers last year, witnessed only a marginal increase of 1 percent only. Just now a member belonging to the congress party was saying that they made a record production of food grains. Sir, now can a marginal increase of mere record production?  As against 1 per cent increase in food grains, growth of population is 2.2 percent. In they believe in talking but in reality they did nothing for the farmers. Now the new govt. is providing a lot of facilities to the farmers and I am sure agricultural production will certainly register a substantial increase over the last year.

Mr. Deputy speaker, Sir, our hon’ble finance minster has made a mention of implementing employment guarantee scheme. This is not a small thing. Till now this scheme has been implemented only in Maharashtra in our country. But now in this budget it has been proposed to extend this scheme to all those area which are drought or flood prone. Now these areas will be covered by the employment guarantee scheme and this is the first step in the direction of providing employment to the people. We made a promise in our election, manifesto that we would make right to work a fundamental right so that e very young man could get sort. In order to achieve this, we will have to create employment opportunities. This is a welcome step towards that direction. Another important indication that has been given by the hon’ble minister in the current budget is this that the govt. proposes to reserve certain items to be industries, or cottage industries and the big industries will be debarred from producing such items. This is very important step in the direction of providing help to small scale unites. This would also result in concealed employment opportunities for the farmers, artisans and youth living in rural area and will help in reducing the economic disparities in our country.


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