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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute “ Plantation Bill” , Test 5 Minutes with 5 Minutes Audio Dictation, Shorthand Outline and Text Matter. Test 28

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29Mr.Vice Chairman. Sir , I would like to speak on this Bill in the interest of the rapid economical growth /in the country. If the nation grows from strength to strength economically leading to ERADICATION of the degrading and disheartening poverty of the people of India, the workers of this nation would also benefit and they would also go above/ the poverty line.

          Sir, I would like to mention here that the plantation crops, as understood by the term so far namely, coffee , tea and CARDAMOM have been giving  this nation substantial amount of the much-COVETED foreign exchange  annually, (100) It must be noted that coffee exports alone have given our country during the last five  years over/ Rs.1000 crores in foreign exchange  by way of export earnings and export duties. I must  also bring to the /attention of  this House that  the FAMED tea industry  in India  today  has  become a sick industry affecting lakhs of / workers and  the tea  planters.

          Sir, we ought to know that in the agricultural sector the plantation labour is  the / best organised one and is getting nearly the same treatment, facilities and amenities like  the industrial labour.

          Sir, coming  from (200) a plantation district of Karnataka, I sincerely agree that the welfare measures provided in  the Act must be  faithfully implemented/and  strictly enforced. But I cannot SUBSCRIBE to the view taken  by some  that  the  planters generally are exploiters and /are INIMICAL to the interests of their own workers and that they must be dealt with severely.  Sir, most of/ the planters of today are educated and they know that CONTENDED labour is CONDUCIVE to productivity and peace in the ESTATES and therefore would like to provide all the welfare measures and amenities to the workers.

          Sir, I would  like (300) to point  out some of the very DRACONIAN, DISCRIMINATORY  and  INVIDIOUS urban – directed amendments made  in  the plantations Labour (Amendment)/Bill , 2003 Sir, in  the plantations Labour Act is  sought to be applied now even to HOLDINGS / of 5 HECTTARES and  above, employing 15 persons and more Originally, in the Bill brought before the Joint Committee , it /was sought  to be applied to

holdings of 6.5 hectares and above .It would be realistic to make/ an amendment to the present Bill to raise the size of holdings from five heactares to 6.5 hectares, (400) 


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