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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute “ Problems in Economics ” , Test 5 Minutes with 5 Minutes Audio Dictation, Shorthand Outline and Text Matter. Test 16


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16Sir, I thank the hon. President for his Address outlining the Government’s hope for the next five years.  Beyond doubt/ it was an excellent speech made by the honourable President.  In fact, the beauty of democracy was reflected in this/ speech again and again when he said ‘my Government’ through it is led by NDA.  I feel very happy about/ all the promises made by the Government.

          Sir, taking about elimination of poverty, historically, post-independence, successive governments have always/ measured poverty or the poverty  line as a percentage , without  giving any credence to the  increase  in our  population. That (100) always gave us wrong signals. Hence ,I feel that the  poverty elimination is a most welcome subject . I am confident /that the numerous measures that they have  adopted already would improve  the standard  of living  of the common people . This /would  automatically eliminate  poverty. Particularly , when economic growth takes place , it would  generate  employment and that  would  definitely  eliminate poverty ./ The focus on  healthcare , education and employment , Particularly  in the  manufacturing industry , would also  help. So ,all these are welcome/ initiatives , As  we are all aware , unfortunately ,the last two terms led by the UPA Government  have seen a downturn (200) in our  country `s economic  situation . in 2004, when they came into  power  after the NDA Government `s  rule ,India was about /to become a super power, whereas the two successive Government led by UPA brought  us down  from a super  power/ to ‘zero power’ ,in such a situation, my party feels that all the initiatives takes by this Government give out/ a lot of hope  and confidence that three would be economic reforms and growth.

          Sir, there is a mention about / improving the quality of life  in our  villages through an empowered  Panchayati Raj system .At this  hour, I would like (300) to remember our  founder Party President  and the then Chief  Minister, Shri N.T. Rama Rao. In fact, he had /abolished   the  patel patwari system and  introduced the Mandal system that encouraged decentralization of powers , which  is close to the /common public and through which village were empowerd to collect taxes, use them and  manage the Budget  by  themselves . this /initiative would defiritely help oue rural India to grow extremely well.

          Sir, increase in investments  in agriculture sector, both public /and private ,especially agri-infrastructure ,has been mentioned . It is a long – pending issue. Majority of our country `s population is (400) dependent on  agriculture. Despite Knowing.


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