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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute “ Five Year Plan” , Test 10 Minutes with 10 Minutes Audio Dictation, Shorthand Outline and Text Matter. Test 10


Sir, this year our Independence Day on the 15th August assumes a new significance not only because it is the/ silver jubilee year of our independence but also has a new meaning of independence has been created by the emergence/ of Bangladesh.  I want to report that the emergence of Bangladesh created a new situation and a new future for/ the whole of the Indian sub-continent and for the resurrection of our lost soul.  Our Government has been preparing  some/ programmers for the observance of the silver jubilee of our independence. I want to remind you that during the last (100) 25 years, our people might have enjoyed political freedom but it is a fact that economic freedom of the/ common masses of our people is still far from being achieved; it is far beyond reach. It may sound/ as hyperbolic political propaganda if I say that during the last 25 years the rich communities have become poorer. This is not my observation this had been borne out by facts and I/ shall give you those facts now.  The total national income of our country from 1960 to 1969 was Rs. 1.6 (200) lakhs of crores. Again these twenty percent at the top who constitute the rich community, their share has been/ Rs. 1.26 lakhs crores. And only 54 lakh crores have gone to 80 percent of our people- only 17/ percent of our national income has gone to 60 percent but 83 percent to highest echelon of/ 40 percent of our people.  Sir, these are not my figures.  This is a figure calculated from the data/ given by last four Plan documents. This figure is borne in recent statistics that has been brought forth by (300) Mr. Minhas, a Member of the Planning Commission and also the National Council of Applied Economics.  That is the Government/ organizations that have made sample survey.  They have also said that 70 percent of our national income is being/ enjoyed only by 20 percent of our people in our country.  I say that the rich communities have become poorer. This is borne by the statistics, facts and data that have been/ given by the Government through their four Five Year Plans.  I will draw your attention to another point.  In 1962, (400) the Planning Commission observedImage_43_2 that by 1975-76 all sections of the Indian people will attain the minimum level of consumption.  / of  Rs. 20 per month according to the price index of 1960-61. But now the Fourth Five Year Plan / states that the consumption of the lowest 20 per cent slab would be appreciably lower than Rs. 20 per month / at the price index of 1960. Even it will remain so by 1980-81. The consumption of the level of 10 / per cent of the people of our country will not be more than Rs. 13 at the price index of  / 1960-61 and that will remain according to our Plan documents upto 1980-81. This is why the objective, guarantee of (500) the minimum level of consumption to all the citizens of India, was given up as the objective of the Fourth/ Five Year Plan. I will touch employment position. It is most problematic. The backlog of 3.3 million on unemployment in / 1950 will rise to 17.1 million in 1974. It is expected that even during the Fifth Five Year Plan period, / that is, after 1979 there will be about another 30 million new entrants to the labour force. This means that/ the Government will have to make an outlay of Rs. 75,000 crores in the next 10 years for creating (600) additional jobs, guaranteeing employment to 65.6 million job seekers in our country. To translate this into reality is a fantastic problem. / This fantastic problem, it is impossible for the government to resolve. If we really want the economic growth and the / social justice, the question of immediacy of social benefits to our common people particularly of the lower slab of the / people has to be ensured. For that purpose I request the Government to observe the silver Jubilee Year celebration not / with ostentation, not with grandiosity not with luxurious expenditure on lighting, dinners and lunches but with the pleas that the social (700) benefits should be given to our common people so that they can understand that they are here not for political freedom / only. The economic freedom means at least something for them at least the country as a whole is striving / for giving them some social benefits. I urge upon the Government that it is impossible for them to tackle the / problem of garibi unless they take certain concrete steps. For that purpose, a certain ten-point programme should be / adopted, during the 25th year of our Independence so as to create an impression in the country that political freedom (800) also means economic freedom for the common people. Subsidised food should be given to all families having less than an / income of Rs. 200. Free milk should be provided to all the children upto the age of 12 years.


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