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NSQF Sample Question Paper for Summative Assessment-1 (SA-1) Information Technology “402”,”462″ Class 10

Summative Assessment – 1

Information Technology (402/462)

Class X – 2015-16

NSQF Sample Question Paper for Summative Assessment-1 (SA-1) Information Technology “402”,”462″ Class 10


General Instructions :

  1. Read the question paper carefully.
  2. Question paper is divided into four sections :

Section A – Multiple choice questions           (1 mark each)                       

Section B – Very Short Answer                         (2 mark each)                       

Section C – Short Answer                                  (3 mark each)                       

Section D- Long Answer                                     (5 mark each)

  • All questions are compulsory.
  1. Question paper contains 15 questions.
  2. The maximum time allowed is 1


Section A:                                                                                        1X6=6

  1. The market is just _____________ the corner.
  2. at
  3. around
  4. on
  5. to
  6. Our specialty is _________________ tandoori chicken. Do try it.
  7. a
  8. an
  9. the
  10. no article needed
  11. It was __________ who wanted to go to mountains instead of the beach.
  12. himself
  13. he
  14. him
  15. none
  16. Study the following situation in “saying no”


Speaker 1: Can I borrow some money?

Speaker 2: _________________________

  1. no, you can’t.
  2. I am sorry, but I won’t be able to lend you.
  3. I will not give you.
  4. I am sorry, but you can’t borrow right now.
  5. ____________ is the type of wireless internet connectivity.
  6. dial up
  7. DSL
  8. 3G
  9. Cable internet access



  1. ____________ is not a toggle key.
  2. Caps lock
  3. Delete
  4. Num lock
  5. Scroll Lock


Section B:                                                                                        2X5=10

  1. What do you mean by reflexive pronoun? Give example.
  2. Jasmine lost her book, how she can describe the book which was lost? Mention at least four attributes to describe the book.
  3. A friend of yours has done a favor for you, now how would you express your appreciation for your friend?
  4. How can you add footer to your document? Write necessary steps.
  5. How can you insert any object in word document file?


Section C:                                                                                        3X3=9

  1. State three rules and etiquettes to be followed while chatting on the internet.
  2. Write the steps to create the tab stop position at 3″.
  3. Mention three character formatting options, along with the detail how to use it.


Section D:                                                                                        5X1=5

  1. Explain the purpose of internet security. Also, mention some of the best internet security practices.


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  2. chirag agrawal says:

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