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NSQF Sample Question Paper for Summative Assessment-1 (SA-1) Information Technology “402”,”462″ Class 9

Summative Assessment – 1

Information Technology (402/462)

Class IX – 2015-16

NSQF Sample Question Paper for Summative Assessment-1 (SA-1) Information Technology “402”,”462″ Class 9




  1. The maximum marks for the SA 1 examination is 30 marks.
  2. The maximum time allowed for SA1 examination is 2 hours.
  3. The concerned faculty can choose the questions from the question bank provided

 by the  Vocational Cell and can make the paper for SA1  examination accordingly.

  1. The blue print for the SA1 examination is as follows :-


Here   MCQ- Multiple choice Questions

VSA-   Very Short Answers

SA – Short Answers

LA – Long Answers

e) The maximum word limit for Very Short Answers is between 20-40words.

f) The maximum word limit for Short Answers is between 50-60 words.

g) The maximum word limit for Long Answers is between 150-200 words





Multiple choice Questions:                                                                                  [1 X 2=2]

Functional English

  1. The Japanese way of saying goodbye _____________ “Sayonara”.

(a) is               (b) are                                    (c) being


  1. She __________________ a passion for reading (has, having)


  1. ______________ (Any, Few) of us are ready to say “Sorry” but ______________ of us always demand it from others. (many, much)


  1. How much does ________________ automatic camera cost?(A, An , The)


  1. He refused to ……………. the award.( Accept — Except — Expect)


  1. I will …………… the table for dinner.( lay — Lie — Laid)


  1. The……………… of this college is very strict. (Principal — Principle)


  1. What do you think the line “Negotiation is a tricky art…” mean?
  2. a) It is difficult b) It is complicated c) It is easy   d) None


  1. Select the correct option:
  2. a) The Manager was angry at Ajay
  3. The Manager was surprised
  4. The Manager disagreed with Ajay
  5. All are correct



Multiple choice Questions:                                                                           [1 X 2=2]

1.)Basic components of a computer system consist of  components? Name them

                    a Hardware and Software            b Input and output             c  None

2.)Physical components of computer including keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc, are called ………………….

                    a Software           b Hardware       c Operating system    d Intranet

3.)The application, programs and languages constitute the __________ to a computer system.

                   a Software           b Hardware       c Operating system    d Intranet

4.)The hardware and the operating system together are referred to as a platform. Programs, also called ……………………….

                  a Programmer   b  Applications      c Server     d Operating system

5.)Stylus is a pointing device, similar to?

                  a Mouse      b. To hear sound        c.  Similar to pen

6.)What is Expansion Card?

                 a To store information       b.   Channel to data transfer        c.  Circuit Board

7.)1 Kilo Byte (KB) equal to…………….?

                a 1026 byte          b 1029 byte          c 1025 byte          d 1024 byte




Multiple choice Questions:                                                                                  [1 X 2=2]

1.)The optimum height of the tabletop or under-desk keyboard drawer is ……………. From the floor.

               a.65- 70 cm               b.66- 71 cm       c. 67- 72  cm               d 68- 73 cm

2.)There should be at least ……………of distance between your eyes and the screen.

              a.40- 60 cm              b  45- 65 cm        c 50- 80 cm                  d 55- 90 cm

3.)You can also set the background image for the  Text Panel by choosing an option ……………….. from the drop-down list on the  Taskbar in top-right corner of the window.

             a Wallpaper       b paint            c picture                    d None


4.)One of the buttons in three horizontal buttons in the top-right corner …………………. can display the corresponding dialogs.

            a Statistic            b  Pause           c Option                   d Key board layout

5.)To delete a newly created course, click the ………button on the Taskbar. You can also view and/or change properties of the current course by clicking

a.) sa2                                sa3                         sa4                                sa5

6.)Click the button in the top-left corner of the window (or press Ctrl+1 on your keyboard) to see your CPM speed (characters per minute) progress.

sa6                              sa7                         sa8                                 sa9



Functional English



  1. The ……………….is the person or thing that the sentence talks about.


  1. What is Unaccountable Noun?


  1. What is the meaning of Unique ___________ Pet ____________


  1. What is the meaning of these words


  1. Passion ii. Past time


  1. The woman asked him to show her some big pots.

Passive Voice: ________________________.

Three pots were finally bought by the woman.

Active Voice: __________________________


  1. The word conscious has three different meanings. Name them?


  1. What is an adjective? Give Example.


  1. What is difference between countable and uncountable noun? Give Example also




Very Short Questions (2 x 2 = 4 marks)

1.)In what ways computers are useful in field of Art and Entertainment?

2.)State the difference between Internet and Intranet?

3.)List the major functions of RAM and ROM?

4.)How the Mega, Giga and Tera Byte do are related to computers?

5.)Describe the role and importance of a Control Unit resides inside the CPU?

6.)Name any two internet search engines? Name their functions

7.)State the difference between nibble, bits & byte?

8.The terms Virus and Worms means what in a computer system?

9.)List the step of converting audio file from CD to different formats?

10.)What is BIOS and what for it is used in computers?



Very Short Questions (2 x 2 = 4 marks)

  1. What is tough Typing?
  2. What are Text Panel and Lesson control panel and were it is used?
  3. If you want to insert a text from a single file into a single lesson and also insert a text from multiple files into a multi-section lesson ?What steps you would undertake?sa10



SHORT ANSWERS (3 X 1= 3 Marks )

  1. Describe the different parts of computer and explain their functions ?
  2. Name four input devices with the usage and what kind of input can be entered from each device
  3. How many types of computer available in the market? Name them with their functions?
  4. Name different type of internet connections with their description
  5. What is E- Commerce does it relates herself to computer program?
  6. What is Computer Security and Privacy?
  7. Write the steps to Filter E-mail Messages from Unknown/Anonymous Senders?



SHORT QUESTIONS (3 X 2= 6 Marks)

  1. Explain three stages of Touch Typing Technique?
  2. Write three correct positions of the hands and body while handling the computer?
  3. There is four drop-down lists in the top-left corner of the screen. Therefore, moving from left to right, what are the procedures to be follows?
  4. How to view and analyse the statistics using the Ms-Office application called Ms-Excel?
  5. What are the different ways to ensure successful touch typing practice?
  6. How to add a new lesson in lesson editor window? Explain its steps?
  7. Lesson Editor Window is composed of the some controls? Name them with their description?



LONG QUESTIONS (5 X 1 = 5 Marks )

1.)What measures are to be required for Protection of a computer system from the Natural Threats?

2.)In what ways Internet is helpful to various field?

3.)Explain following terms :-

  1. Access point
  2. Add-ons
  3. Cache Memory
  4. Cookie
  5. Firewall

4.)How computer systems can be protected from unauthorized access and actions Virus?

5.)What is the Recycle bin? What are the uses of Recycle Bin?

6.)What are difference between Application Programs and Communication Programs?





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