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Sample Permission Letter, complete letter of Permission example.

Permission Letters


“Permission” is a request for approval to go ahead with an action. But every request for permission does not get approval. There are chances of rejection as well. A person seeking permission should be prepared for a 50-50 chance of approval or rejection. Permission is always asked for or taken, it is never demanded. Permission may be asked for anything such as,


  1. Permission from parents for a sleep over at a friend’s.
  2. Permission from a teacher to leave school early for a genuine reason.
  3. Permission from a doctor to go back to work if health is permitting.
  4. Permission from a host to leave early to fulfil another commitment.
  5. Permission by a child from the parent to watch a specific television programme.
  6. Permission from the school authorities to make the child miss school for a few days for going out maybe for a wedding.
  7. Permission from a friend whose farm house can be used to host a large party.


These are just a few examples of reasons where permission is requested.

A Permission Letter is a written document seeking for approval that may or may not have been asked verbally. It usually is a reiteration of an approval that may already have been given. It is always a good idea to formally pen down the request for permission as it helps close lot of loose gaps between the discussion and the final permission given.

A Permission Letter however can be either for seeking permission or for giving permission.


Dos and Don’t’s of Permission Letter

  • A Permission Letter should be written much before the event for which the permission is being asked for.
  • It may be either hand-written or typed depending upon what it is being written for — personal or official purpose.
  • It should be brief and short.
  • The language used in the letter should be simple.
  • The subject line should always give the reason for the letter.
  • The letter should clearly refer to the permission that was asked for before writing about the decision.
  • Whether the permission has been given or no should be indicated in clear words without leaving any room for ambiguity
  • The letter should be addressed to the person who was seeking permission.
  • It should be written by a person with authority to take a decision that cannot be questioned.
  • Even if the permission has been denied, the letter should be kept open ended.
  • A phone number or email address should be mentioned in the letter for the reader to make a contact if necessary
  • Transparency of communication is very essential in Permission Letters so the reason why a permission has been denied should be very clearly given.
  • If the letter is a Permission seeking letter then it should clearly say the reason why a certain permission is being asked for.
  • If there are any terms and conditions to the permission, they should be clearly specified in the letter.

Sample Permission Letter


(This is a letter seeking permission to hold a dance party)  

__________(Name of person from whom permission is being asked)

____________(Name and address of organization or department)  


Subject: Permission to hold a dance party at__________ (name of lawns)

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are students from__________ college. We are all getting together to host a farewell dance party for a few friends of ours who will be relocating out of here.

We would like to hold the party on__________ (date) from______  (time) to_________ (time). We seek your permission to host the party at your lawns.

We would like to inform you that since it is a dance party there will be loud music but we assure you of full decorum by our guests. We also promise that the place will not be left in a mess and wewill clear it of all litter before we leave. We understand that there would be a cost attached to this party and will be glad to pay as per your advice.

We hope you will give us the permission requested.

Thanking you in anticipation


Best regards

(Name of signing authority)


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