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Previous Year Solved Question Paper 2020 of Information Technology (402) Class X, CBSE Board Question Paper of Vocational IT NSQF 402 Code.

Previous Year Solved Question Paper 2020 of Information Technology (402) Class X, CBSE Board Question Paper of Vocational IT NSQF 402 Code.

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Solved Question Paper 2020 of Information Technology (402) Class X CBSE

Section- A (Employability Skills) 10 Marks


Marks Answer any 4 questions out of the given 6 questions of 1 mark each 1*4 = 4


Q1 ______________are a group of words that work together to communicate an element of speech


Q2 ______________refers to focusing human efforts for maintaining a healthy body and mind capable of better withstanding stressful situations

Ans-Stress Management / Yoga / Meditation /Exercise /Vacations with friends and family /Taking Nature walks

Q3 Having conscious knowledge of your own self capabilities, feelings and one’s own character is called as

Ans-Awareness / Confidence / Consciousness / Esteem (use of word ‘Self’, ‘Externaľor ‘Internaľ with the above words should also be considered)

Q4 A___________ is a software that helps you type and work with text on a computer (word processor/ spreadsheet/ calculator)

Ans-Word Processor

Q5 Entrepreneurs/are not job seekers but they create opportunities of employment for people. (True/False)


Q6 ____________defines a green economy as one that results in “improved human well being and social equity while significantly reducing environmental risk and ecological scarcities”.

Ans-United Nations Environment Programme / UNEP / Sustainable Development / Green skills


Answer any 3 questions out of the given 5 questions of 2 marks each


Q7 Explain four types of sentences in English

Ans-There are four types of sentences in the English language.

1 Imperative- gives a command (.)
2 Assertive / Declarative- makes a statement (.)
3 Interrogative-asks a question (?)
4 Exclamatory- expresses strong feelings


1 Simple
2 Compound
3 Complex above three can also be considered as different types of sentences

Q8 List any four characteristics of entrepreneurship.

Ans-(Any four from the following)

Ambition, Confidence, Willingness, Ability to learn from mistakes, Trust and respect for the team, Self-Motivation, Leadership, Risk-taking, Optimistic, Innovative, Goal-oriented, Vision, Creativity, Motivator, Decision maker, Strong work ethics, Action-oriented, Disciplined, Dynamic agent, Skill, Knowledge, etc.


Q9 Write steps to highlight text in an OpenOffice Writer.

Ans- Select the text and click on icon (font colour)/  : (highlighting text) in the Font group.


Select the text which you want to highlight and click (or Press Ctrl+B)


Select the text which you want to highlight and click? (or press Ctrl+I)


Select the text which you want to highlight and click U (or press Ctrl+U)


Select the text with help of Keyboard / Mouse


Q10 List any two factors that affect self-confidence.


1 Childhood
2 Family
3 Friends
4 Work
5 Environment
6 Society
7 Media
8 Spirituality/Yoga/Meditation/Exercise
9 Relationships
10 Health
11 Academics
12 Self-belief
13 Stress

Q11 List any four factors causing ecological imbalance.

Ans-The various factors causing ecological imbalance are as follows:

1 destruction of forests /Deforestation
2 Industrialization Factories
3 Urbanization
4 Large scale use of pesticides
5 overgrazing
6 degradation of land / Soil erosion
7 Faulty utilization of water resources
8 Environmental problems from faulty mining practices
9 Pollution 10. Population/Over population
11 Excessive of Technologies


Section-B (SUBJECT SKILLS) (40 Marks)

Answer any 10 questions out of the given 12 questions of 1 mark each 1*10=10


Q12 When a combination of hardware and software enables a person with a disability or impairment to use a computer it is known as:

A) Mechanical assistance
B) Assertiveness
C) Assistive Technology
D) Assistance and communication

Ans-Assistive Technology

Q13 ____________in control panel are used to customize the way your keyboard, display or mouse function

Ans- Accessibility Options /Ease of Access

Q14 Picture and clip art options are available under___________

Ans- Insert Tab /Illustrations Group

Q15 Header option is available under___________group in insert tab

Ans- Header & Footer

Q16 ___________________is one of the functions available in the spreadsheet to perform addition of selected numbers in the sheet

Ans- Sum/Autosum

Q17 Autosum automatically select the values around the cells either ____________or____________

Ans- Horizontally, Vertically


Rows, Columns

Q18 Layout option is available under_________group in the home tab

Ans- Slides/ New slide layout


Page Setup

Q19 Presentation software enables the user to add tables in the slide in order to represent the___________data meaningfully

Ans- Statistical /Raw / Tabular / Comparative / Simple

Q20 Time management is the act of planning to stay organized that will result in increased_________and__________

Ans- Productivity, Efficiency, Strength, Capability

Q21 ________________appointments can be used for scheduling repetitive tasks

Ans- Recurring / Business / Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly


Q22 ____________statement is used to add one or more records to a database



Insert > Row

Right-click on any Row > New Row


Ctrl + [+]


Q23 ___________statement retrieves zero or more rows from one or more database tables



Double click on the table Name


Right click on Table Name > Open



Answer any 4 questions out of the given 6 questions of 2 marks each 2*4 = 8

Q24 Explain blog, Give any two websites that offer free blog services

Ans – A blog is a discussion style site used by non-technical (or technical users) users for creating personal web pages.


Blogs are similar to an online personal diary and simple to use.


We can use a blog to convey messages about events, announcements, news, reviews, etc.


A website where a person writes regularly about topics that interest them, with photograph or text


Some of the popular websites that offer free blog services include:

1 www.WordPress.com
2 www.blogger.com
3 www.blog.com
4 www.weebly.com
5 www.blogsome.com
6 www.tumblr.com
7 www.wix.com
8 www.joomla.com
9 www.medium.com
10 www.ghost.com



Q25 List any four items that may be added in the Header area.

Ans –

Page number
Number of Pages Date
File Path
File Name
Sheet name
Name of the author
Company or Department Name


Q26 List any two conditions/ formats/items that can be used for conditional formatting in a Spreadsheet


Less than (<)
greater than (>)
less than equal to (<=)
greater than equal to (>=)
equals to (=)
not equals to (! =, <>)
Not Between
Top Ten
Bottom Ten
Above Average
Below Average
Text that contains



Number format
Font style
Font color
Fill color
Fill pattern
Border color
Border style (but not border thickness)


Highlight cell rules
Top/Bottom Rules
Data Bars
Colour scales
Icon Sets



Q27 Mention two ways in which a movie file may be inserted in a presentation

Ans – A movie file can be inserted in the following ways:

Using Insert Tab
Using Title and Content Layout Option
Using Insert > movie > from file
Using Insert > movie > Clip Organizer
Using Insert > movie > Online videos
By Copy and paste movie file
By Cut and Paste movie file
By Drag and Drop movie file



Q28 Mention two ways of scheduling an appointment.

Ans – You can schedule an appointment in two ways:

1 Using Menu bar.
2 Using calendar view
3 Calendar > Home tab > New appointment
4 Using Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly



Q29 Explain two types of languages used for creating and manipulating the data in databases.

Ans – DDL/Data Definition Language) Data Description Language: which work on the structure of table and it consist of following statements: CREATE, ALTER, and DROP.

DML/Data Manipulation language: which work on the content of table and it consist of following statements: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE


(Any two from the following)
MS Access


Answer any 4 questions out of given 6 questions of 3 marks each 3*4 = 12

Q30 What are section breaks? Explain how a section break helps in formatting a document.

Ans – Section breaks can be used to separate a document into sections.


To separate a section in a document, you can use the section break.


A section break controls the formatting of the document content that precedes it, until it reaches another section break.

(Any one from the following ways)

Section break help in following ways:

A Add flexibility to formatting a document

B We can create different footnote numbering, change the layout of columns, change page borders for different pages, and even
change page layouts in the same document.

C Using section breaks is like having mini-documents in one large document.

D We can separate the chapters as separate sections in our document so that the page numbering for each chapter begins at 1.

E We can also create a different header or footer for a section of our document.



Q31 Differentiate between linking and embedding a document. Does embedding a document increase the size of the document? List any two websites that offer free clipart.

Ans – Embedding an object makes it part of the document while linking an object does not include the object file into the document files.

Users trying to access the linked object must also have direct access to the separate file that forms that object.

Linking means change in source file reflected in the target file but Embedding means change in source file does not reflect in the target file.

Yes, embedding a document increases the size of the document.

Some of the websites that have free clip arts are:

www. Vecteezy.com



Q32 Give any three basic guidelines for charts in a presentation.

Ans – (Any three from the following guidelines)
Some Basic guidelines are as follows:

Convey one message per chart.
Make the message the heading.
Make the chart easy to read.
Label the X and Y axis and label the lines, bars or pie wedges.
Make the most important text largest
Darken the most important data lines or sections.
Make bars and columns wider than the spaces between them.
Be accurate.
Always start a numerical axis at zero.
Compare only like variables.

Eliminate all unnecessary details.
Avoid extra grid lines, data points, boxes etc.
Use a few (maximum four) colors per visual.


Q33 Write steps to give transition effects in a presentation software,

Ans – Steps to give transition effects:

Click on Animations Tab/ Transitions Tab
A list of transition effects will be displayed.
Select an effect from Transitions to this slide group and doubleclick on it.


Q34 Explain any three data types in OpenOffice base.

Ans – 1) Numeric Types: – It is used for describing numeric values for the field. For example: Integer, Decimal, Float, Double, Single.
2) Alphanumeric Types: – it is used to store the combination of alphabet, numbers or special characters. For Example: Char, Varchar, Text, Memo
3) Binary Types: it is used for describing data in binary formats. For Example: Image, Binary, Yes/No.
4) Date & Time: it is used for describing date and time values for the field. For Example: Date, Time, Timestamp
5) Other Variable types: it is used to describing anything from binary code to images, sound file to another file. For Example Object, hyperlink, OLE Object, Lookup Wizard Note: Writing of field name that depict different datatype may also be given due credit.



Q35 Explain the following with respect to Databases:


Ans – A form provides the user a systematic way of storing information into the database.


It is an interface in a user specified layout that lets users to view, enter, and change data directly in database objects such as tables.


Forms are the user-friendly interfaces that facilitates the process of entering data in tables and queries.


Ans – A report is used to generate the overall work outcome in a clear format.


Reports are used to display the selected data in a printable format


Reports collects the summarize data from one or more tables/ queries and organized it in a printable form


Ans – A table is a set of data elements (values) that is organized using a model of vertical columns (which are identified by their name) and horizontal rows.


A table is a combination of rows and columns.


Tables are building blocks of a database. They store complete data in a structured manner.


Q36 A – Explain any three types of impairment that impact computer usage.

Ans – There are numerous types of impairment that impact computer

These include  Cognitive impairments and learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism.

Visual impairment such as low-vision, complete or partial blindness and color blindness.

Hearing impairment including deafness.

Physical/Motor or dexterity impairment such as paralysis, cerebral palsy or carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury.

B – Explain Client-Server architecture and peer to peer architecture.

Ans – Client-Server Architecture: networks in which certain computers have special dedicated tasks, providing services to other computers in the network) are called client server networks.


The computer(s) which provide services are called servers and the ones that use these services are called clients.


The model of interaction between two application programs in which a program(client) request a service from a program at the other end (server)

Peer-to-peer (P2P) Architecture: Networks in which all computers have an equal status are called peer to peer networks.


In peer to peer network each terminal has an equally competent CPU.


Network in which one computer is connected to another computer directly


When two or more computer connected to each other and there is no client and server between them.



Q37 Given the following spreadsheet write the appropriate formula/function/expression to be used for (a) to (e):

1 Quarterly sales report
2 Zone Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec Total
3 North 500 420 290 400
4 West 150 130 400 250
5 East 400 270 320 350
6 South 540 530 457 380

A- Write the formula to calculate the Total sales of North Zone

= SUM (B3:E3)

= SUM (B3, C3, D3, E3)

= (B3+C3+D3+E3)

Select F3 cell and press Autosum icon

B- Write the feature used for arranging the Sales from Lowest to the Highest
Ans – SORT / SORTING / A to Z Icon 26

C- To find the Maximum Sales in East zone
Ans =MAX (B5:E5)

D- To find the average sales in Jan-Mar in cell C7
Ans =AVERAGE (B3:36)

=SUM (B3:36)/4

= (B3+34+B5+B6)/4

Note : In place of cell range B3:B6, 03:C6 may also be considered

E- To find the difference between the sales in East zone and West zone in Apr-Jun.
Ans = C5 – C4


Q38 Rashika is preparing a presentation to give an annual sales report and the progress made by the zonal teams she has to do the following in the presentation suggest appropriate measures to do so

A- She wants to show the sales data in a pictorial form which tool /option she should use to compare the data?
Ans Charts /Graph

B- She wants to give some effect whenever the slide changes. How can she do this?
Ans Transition Effects /Slide Transition/ Transition/Animation Effect

C- She has to show a table created in a spreadsheet on her slide.
Ans Choose Object from the Insert menu.
In the Insert Object dialog box,
click the Create from File option and
click Browse to locate and choose the spreadsheet that contains the table.
Copy the desired table from the spreadsheet and paste into the slide.

D- She wants to take printouts such that more than one slide is printed on the page having only textual content.
Ans Through Outline option


File > Print > Outline

Ctrl + P > Outline

E- Give her an additional guideline for preparing a presentation

Know your topic
Use key phrases about the topic
Avoid too much text on each slide
Limit the number of slides
Avoid fancy fonts
Use contrasting colors for text and background
Animation and transition must be used carefully to avoid distraction
Do a thorough spell check across all slides .. Remove irrelevant content such as images or clip arts, terms
Insert speaker notes. etc.



Q39 A-Create table employee

EMPID Char(4)
EMPNAME Varchar(15)
DESIGN Varchar(15)
SALARY Decimal

Ans – CREATE TABLE Employee (

EMPID Char(4),
EMPNAME Varchar(15),
DESIGN Varchar(15),
SALARY Decimal


Create a table in Datasheet view
• right-clicking the table > Click Datasheet view from the shortcut menu.
• Add New Field column, enter the name of the fields that you want to create.


B- What is a primary key?

Ans – A primary key is a unique value that identifies a row (tuple) in a table.


A field (column/attribute) or set of fields (columns/attributes) which uniquely identifies rows (tuples) in a table(relation) is called primary key.

C- Categorize the following commands as DDL and DML:



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