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Paragraph on “Sea Life” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Sea Life

Fish are found both in fresh river water and in salty sea water. Fish swim in water by using their fins and tails and they breathe by absorbing oxygen through flaps called Gills which are located on the side of their heads. Under their scaly skin most fish have skeletons and body organs like a Heart, Liver, Spleen, Intestine, and an Ovary for laying eggs. Some of the species which still survive, actually date back to the prehistoric times. The seas are self sufficient in providing food for various forms of life which exist in it. Small plants, having access to sunlight, grow in shallow waters, small organisms like ‘Plankton’ feed on these plants and in turn become food for small fish. The smaller fish are eaten by the larger ones thus maintaining a food cycle and balance of nature.

Shallow and warm coastal waters are generally covered with coral reefs which are made up of tiny sea creatures like the ‘Anemones’ and alive or dead creatures called ‘Polyps’ which are home to a variety of creatures and fish like the Jelly fish, Portuguese Man-of-war, Angel fish, Grouper fish etc. Sea life is found in large numbers on the Continental shelf, because sunlight can penetrate the shallow water and lot of nutrients are deposited here by the rivers.

There are areas in the Seas which are very deep, sunlight does not reach these depths thus there is hardly any vegetation, it is dark all around and fish are adapted to this environment e.g. the Lantern fish produces its own light as a result of a chemical reaction in its body. These fish are also adapted to living under immense water pressure, which may be a thousand times that of the surface as a result deep sea fish would inflate and burst if they were brought to the surface. Besides some of the rare species like the Hatchet fish, Fang fish and Anglerfish, we also find, Sea cucumbers, Shell fish, Crabs, Prawns etc on the sea floor.


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