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My Favourite Book – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – My Favourite Book

Books are man’s best friend. They stand by him on good as well as bad days. Books are worth possessing. Good books transparent us to different parts of the world. They make us laugh, wonder, thick and cry. They also entertain us.

But our selection of books should be good. There are innumerable books on different topics such as stories, dramas, history, geography, science, fiction, and so on. The book I like the most is ‘Arms and the Man’. It is written by George Bernard Shaw. He was a great playwright (dramatist). It makes me laugh. It entertains me. It is a play.

It brings out the absurdity of war and love. It brings our hypocrisy of the glorification of war and also romanticism of love and marriage. This book has many witty dialogues between characters. It tells us people’s notion that war breeds heroism and love leads to an ideal marriage. G.B. Shaw also brings out the fact that servants are not our equal in society although they perform an important role for society.

The two characters, Bluntschli and Raina, are symbols of heroism and love. Their false notions are shattered when they discovered that war is not all heroism and marriage is not all sensibility.

For an ordinary man, a soldier is a hero who does great deeds in the battlefield. Shah’s this play brings out the true aspect of war about which most of people are not aware the aspect of broken nerves and imbalance of mind. It brings out the fact that ‘war is not an amusement but a hell on earth’ Similarly, love is neither a glamour, nor is it invested with beauty and poetry. Love deprived of reason and understanding cannot last for long. And marriage – it is solemn bond from which should take birth new better generations.

This book tells us not to build castles in the air. It warns us not to be driven by idealism alone, instead, we should learn to face the hard realities of life. I like to read this book again and again.

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