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Letter to your friend inviting him to a family marriage.

Letter to your friend inviting him to a family marriage.

Dear Vinay,

How’s life? There has been no news from your side for a long time. I heard that you went abroad for some work, from Anurag. He has just being promoted as a Zonal Manager and last night we had dinner together at his place. How are your parents? Convey my regards to them. Here things are pretty busy. Last week my parents fixed-up the marriage of my sister Pinky for the 5th August 2003. The boy belongs to a decent upper-middle class family and is a computer engineer. They have decided to take Pinky to California, where the boy will be flying immediately after marriage. The marriage of my only sister gave me a sense of joy and dejection. The dejection of losing a very special person. As you know very well that you are considered to be more of a family member than my friend, it becomes very obvious, that you have to be present at least three days before the marriage. In fact Pinky herself has confided to me that if you come out with any excuses, she will never forgive you for the entire life-time. At the same time my parents are also looking forward to your visit. I’m very sure that under no circumstances, you will let me down. Remember that you should be accompanied by Uncle, Aunty and Bobby. I’m expecting a positive reply from you and the confirmation of your friend.

Yours Always,



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