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Letter regarding the purchase of a house.

Letter regarding the purchase of a house

Jan. 2, 2003

Dear Abhinav,

Wishing you a very happy and a prosperous 2003. I take this opportunity to congratulate you for having built a nest for you and Malvi. I’m sure it is a dream come true for you, since I’m aware about your willingness to purchase a house. At the same, I should advise to decorate your house tastefully as you have purchased a house but to turn it to a home needs efficient supervision. I am doubly happy that in haste you have not fallen to the temptation of buying an apartment. I’m sure that there is enough space for your passion, gardening. I’m planning to visit Indore very soon and yes; your home is my priority as I would like to see the happiness on your face. And yes Rajesh, owning a house is definitely an achievement that has no parallel. So, once again congratulations on your achievement and praying for your betterment.

Affectionately Yours,




Jan. 7, 2003

Dear Baibhav,

If only wishes were horses, then I wish you could have been here to share this moment of happiness. Yes, friend as you rightly said, it is a dream come true. This house is quite spacious and has four rooms in addition to a dinning space and two bathrooms, besides a verandah and yes you guessed right, a small garden. Both Malani and I are still to get over with this reality. I have also informed my two sons at Doon School and they cannot wait for their holidays to commence. What really made me happy is that you are visiting us, a visit, both of us are looking forward to. Baibhav, your letter poured out your authentic positive emotions which is in oblivion in this fast-changing world. I am sure you are going to share the same intensity of happiness that I have, once you come down here.

Looking forward to your early visit.

Always Yours,



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