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Letter regarding the misbehaviour by the bus conductor.

Letter regarding the misbehaviour by the bus conductor.

August 13, 2003


The Concerned Authority

The Ministry of Surface Transport,

New Delhi.


I would like to draw your attention towards the high-handed attitude of bus staff plying on the bus route No. 764, bus no. DL-IP 978, plying between Najafgarh to Nehru Place on the evening of 5th August 2003, around 4.30 p.m. Since two buses on the same route were plying, it seemed that the above-mentioned Bus No. was in a hurry to reach its destination. At Munirka stop, three of a family boarded the bus, when the bus started off, leaving the other two members who were aged, to run around 100 Mts. to board the bus. When these elderly males started telling the conductor about his misdoings, he started hurling the worst of the abuses without caring two hoots for the ladies present. He was aided by the helper who told them to get off the bus, despite the fact that they had purchased the tickets. Had it not been the interference of some samaritan passengers who came to the help of that family, things would have gone out of control. The driver too was driving recklessly, without heeding the suggestions of the passenger. As a matter of fact, most of these helpers in the Blueline buses are hoodlums and their behaviour is disgusting.

It would be very considerate of your department to look into this matter and take proper steps to ensure the safety of the commuters.

Yours Sincerely,

Akhilesh Kuntal


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