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Letter regarding scant respect for humanity.

Letter regarding scant respect for humanity.

July 10, 2003


The Minister of Human Resource,

New Delhi.


The letter is intended to make us realise that in a country which talks high about humanitarian values and lofty speeches are delivered by our leaders, little is there in the name of humanity to the point that the word has virtually ceased to exist. While our leaders are talking about Ram Mandir at Ayodhaya and making mountain out of mole hills, people are dying everyday due to negligent driving, women are being subjected to rape, children are abducted for ransom, which if not given, are mercilessly killed. The powerful people are intimidating the helpless ones and the desperate ones, are taking to crime. The unholy nexus between the politicians and builders is taking their toll on the innocent victims as depicted in Gujarat earthquake. “Money” seems to be the ultimate end and not means to an end. With unemployment on the rise and job market tightening, people are left with very little option, other than to open a grocery store or a pan kiosk. People have become so much selfish that even in case of an accident on the road, after a glance, they go on with their routine job. Yes, your highness, we should be ashamed to call ourselves, human beings. Violence has grown in society with such a speed that youngsters take to violence at a very early age. No person whether a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer or whosoever it is, true towards his profession, the ultimate goal being “Minting Money”. Little do we realise that we are losing our culture which is being gradually eroded by the “Westernisation” onslaught. Whereas China, our neighbour, has grown to be economically powerful keeping its culture intact, we on the other hand have blindly followed the West for inspiration, Vivekanand, Gokhle, Tilak are a passe. Father’s Day, Valentines Day, Rose day and so many such “Days” are in, which speaks volume about our decreasing cultural values.

As an Indian, it is my sincere and humble request to see that before becoming a professional, a businessman or a management wizard, we should try to become a “Good Human Being” and spread the message of humanity, non-violence and respect for women for which our country has been famous.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

Soumitra Mohan


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