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Letter regarding frequent power-cuts.

Letter regarding frequent power-cuts.


Every summer the residents of Delhi have to bear the brunt of power cuts, which range from two to six hours a day and can worsen to eight hours at times. It is a matter of regret that inspite of several meetings and measures by the Delhi Vidyut Board, the condition remains pathetic, causing a lot of heartburn to the residents of that locality. As a matter of fact, the Delhi Government should ban the use of A/Cs in residential areas during peak hours. At the same time, a constant vigil should be maintained regarding the power-thefts which is in a quite large number. Unauthorized connections should be cut to give relief to the regular paymasters of electricity. The use of jumpers to get electricity should be made a criminal offense, liable for imprisonment. To conclude, DVB has no right to harass the regular payers of electricity bills and should replace the defective transformers from time to time.

Yours Truly,

Adesh Saran


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