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Letter of Condolence “To a Friend on Death of his Brother”

To a Friend on Death of his Brother

My Dear Kiran,

Your tragic news has completely stunned me. If there are time when silence is golden it is surely now. Yet, I must write and tell you, that my heart just ashes for you in this terrible sorrow. I know how deeply you loved Rajesh  and how kind a brother he has been to you. The shock is unbearable, no doubt but what cannot be cured must be endured.

I cannot bring myself to write more to you now, neither do I believe you would wish it.

In deepest sympathy.

Yours sincerely,


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  1. nia sharma says:

    nice letters impressed by the content. i would prefer this site to all my students at my school. really really impressed. would wish that the writers of this site keep on writting this amazing content and increase our knowledge………………. ver nice. good to see that indians are not lacking.

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