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Letter of Lease for Renting a House.

Letter of Lease for Renting a House.

You are M. Vasudeva, Landlord of property number D-47, East of Kailash, New Delhi-110065 and have entered into an agreement with Mr. P.Kapoor for letting your premises at the basement.


I, M. Vashdeva, owner of property number, D-47, East of Kailash, New Delhi-110065, hereafter called the LESSOR, do, hereby, agree to give on rent my ground floor residence to Mr. P. Kapoor, Managing Director, Evershine Consultants, hereafter called the LESSEE, 38, Meghdoot, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110048 on the terms and conditions appended below :

(1) That the rented premises consists of two bed rooms, lounge, store, bath, kitchen and toilet in addition to the outside verandah, through which the lessor, his family, or representative would have free, uninterrupted access.

(2) That the accommodation is fitted with ceiling fans (4), tubes (8) and bulbs (10), in addition to taps and showers and they are all in working condition. At the time of vacating the house, they would be handed over by the lessee in their proper functioning order.

(3) That the monthly rent for the same would be Rs. 10000/ – (ten thousand only), which would be paid in advance latest by the 8th of each month. The payment for the electricity would be made as per the bill from the BSES (Meter Number: 3031688, New K.No. 19424-33) and for the night guard and the sweeper, charges will have to be made separately as per the prevalent rates.

(4) For water, additional charges @ Rs. 100/- p.m. will have to be paid separately.

(5) That the front of the house on the road is for the lessor to park his vehicle. If and when the lessee procures his own car, he would have to find another alternative place to park it.

(6) That the security, equivalent to one month’s rent (Rs. ten thousand only), has been deposited at the time of the initial deed for the rent, dated July 14, 2007 and the same would be returned to the lessee without interest, when the house is vacated. However, the lessor will be entitled to deduct the payment from it for any outstanding arrears.

7) That the initial lease is going to be for a period of ELEVEN months, w.e.f. July 15, 2007, after the expiry of which on June 14, 2008, the same may be extended for a mutually agreed period for one/two year(s) more at a mutually agreed, revised rent.

(8) That under no circumstances would the right of tenancy be transferred to the second party, nor the house would be shared by any other person.

9) That no alteration in the existing structure will be permitted under any circumstances.

(10) That minor repairs or replacements of fittings, like changing the fused bulbs and tube lights, or repairs of pipe leakage will be carried out by the lessee at his own cost. The major repairs will, however, be the responsibility of the lessor.

(11) That the lease may be terminated at any time at one month’s notice from either side.

(12) That the above accommodation is solely for the residence purpose and under no circumstances shall it be used for any commercial use.


(P. Kapoor (Lessee))                                                                                                         (M. Vasudeva (Lessor))

Witnesses :

  1. Sd/-                                                                                2. Sd/-

Mrs. Sangeeta Kapoor                                                Deepak Bhanot

48-C, E.O.K., B-Block

New Delhi-110065


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