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Letter Example Complete Application for all classes.

You are working as a medical representative with a pharmaceutical concern. The demand for a certain drug has suddenly gone down in the market. Write a letter to the proprietor of your concern explaining the situation and suggesting remedies.


749, Secot-14,


August 17, 20….


              The General Manager,

              Deep Pharmaceutical Ltd.

              Ghat Gate.


Dear Sir,

               I want to bring to your kind notice that recently the sale of our drug, Decomycin has gone down considerably. There is no doubt that our firm is known for quality drugs. Our quality is the best in the market. But there are certain other factors that have led to low sales.

              One of the factors is competition and the other is our not keeping with the trend. Customers prefer cheaper drugs. We have not been paying enough attention to the advertisement campaigns, which boost the slae considerably. You are requested to look into these observations.

              I am sure you will consider my suggestions. I assure you that they been made in a positive spirit and for the welfare of our concern.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Medical Representative.


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