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Joint Action Committee Teachers condemns the flow of deputationist to Chandigarh.

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7th May, 2015
An emergency meeting of the Executive Committee of JAC was held to discuss the deputation policy of the Chandigarh Administration in Education Department, Chandigarh. There was lot of resentment among the members of the committee as department does not follow its own rules & regulation regarding the policy. The committee condemned the flow of deputationists to Chandigarh from other states on the following grounds:-
1 As appointment to the deputationist is given for one year and their work and conduct can never be taken into consideration while extending their period of deputation.
2 The period of deputation is three years and is extendable to maximum five years in rare circumstances.
3 The deputationists can never be reverted after their maximum period of deputation.
4 The deputationists got promotion in their state & join the UT, Education department without joining for a single day in their parent state which is against the rule as it is mentioned in the rules that employee should have at least three years experience working on same post in their parent state.
5 To avoid the relieving of Guest/ Contract teachers, the promotion of TGT to PGT (Lecturers) be made before the joining of the deputationists.
In joint statement issued by various leaders Sarv Shri Bhag Singh Kairon Savinder Singh, Khushali RamSharma, Ranbir Singh Rana, Shamsher Singh, Ravinder Sharma, Japinder Kaur, Madhu Rama and others decided to call a general house meeting of the teachers of U.T. to decide further line of strong action if the Education department did not  revert the over stayed employees to their parent state before 31st May 2015. The JAC further appealed to the Chandigarh Administration to stop the flow of deputationist for post of Principal and Headmaster/Headmistress to avoid the humiliation of senior lecturers in the hands of junior deputationists Principals & headmasters/Headmistresses.
Bhag Singh Kairon             Savinder Singh    Khushali Ram Sharma     Ranbir Singh Rana
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