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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Value of Punctuality” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Value of Punctuality

Essay No. 01

Discipline is the very essence of life. Punctuality is an important part of disciplined living. A man who is always punctual never misses any opportunity in life. A man who is late misses the bus every time. An unpunctual person not only disturbs others but also find himself in the list of laggards. Nobody in the world cares for those who do not know the value of time. “Time is money” is well-known, time-tested saying. Anyone who is behind time is always try to reach an appointed place before the fixed time so that you are never late. Those who are late put themselves and their well-wishers to shame. We should, therefore, learn to be punctual in life.


Essay No. 2


Punctuality is a habit which must be cultivated by every cultured person. It is the mark of civilization and culture. It has been rightly called ‘ the soul of business’. In our daily life, we have to attend to various types of business. This brings us in contact with other people. We hardly realize that in being late, how much annoyance and worry we unnecessarily cause to others and make them suffer on account of us for no fault of theirs.

Nelson used to say that he owed his success in life to punctuality. If a man has various duties to attend to, he must needs be punctual, otherwise his life will be a failure.

It is no easy thing to be punctual. It requires a man all the energy to regulate his life. if he wants to be punctual in every business. Unpunctuality invites trouble and worry. A man who is punctual and keeps his appointment is sure to be held in high is punctual and keep s his appointment is sure to be held in high esteem by others. Every own has confidence in him. Everyone trusts him because he keeps words. Sometimes people lose golden opportunity in life due to being late by a few minutes. 

Punctuality is a necessary habit in all public affairs of civilized society. Without it nothing could ever be brought to a conclusion, everything would be in a state of chaos. In ordinary living these  can be some tolerance of unpunctuality. The over – punctual can be a trial to others as the unpunctual. The guest who arrives half an hour, too soon is the greatest nuisance. It is an irritating habit to suffer. If you are catching a train, it is  always better to be comfortably early than even a fraction of a minute to be late. Although being early may mean wasting a little time, it is better to waste some time than to miss the train and wait an hour or more for next train. It is also not good to reach the station when the train is drawing out of the station.  Here punctuality means to be in good time on the platform to catch the train. 

In society unpunctuality is considered a name of rudeness or a symbol of uncivilized manner. This unpunctuality reminds us of the words of Washington who, said to his secretary “Sir, either you must get a new watch or I must get a new secretary.”


Essay No. 03




Punctuality is one of the most precious and desirable habits. Those who are punctual are always exact, in good time, precise and prompt in their activities. They are never victims of delay, indecision or irregularity. It is said of Napoleon that he studied his watch as carefully as he studied the map of the scene of war. He always insisted on punctuality from his lieutenants which he himself exhibited in all his doings. All great and successful men have been punctual and appreciated the significance of punctuality. Punctuality means awareness of the great value of time. They know time is precious, it is more valuable than money, and so they are precise, prompt and punctual. Even one minute may be too late as happened in the case of Romeo and Juliet. Those who are regular and punctual in their work and habits can make the best use of time and life. They make the most of every second at their disposal. Even a huge army would lose “against a handful of soldiers if it is late in its operations by a few minutes. We are told to strike the iron when it is hot. It only means an opportunity once lost, is lost forever. You cannot dip your finger in the same river twice. By the next minute who knows how much water would have flowed down the bridge. Time and tide waits for none.

Punctuality is a habit which is not difficult to acquire if one is conscious of time and its value. Punctuality is a disciplinary force and a creative habit on which almost all our ventures depend for success. Louis XIV remarked, “Punctuality is politeness of kings”. Once, when American President’s secretary wanted to be excused on being late because his watch was running late by a few minutes, the great statesman remarked, “Then you must get another watch, or I another secretary”. Punctuality is the law of nature. See; how punctual are the stars, the sun, the moon and the seasons. Punctuality means a deep sense of discipline, duty and self-reliance. Mahatma Gandhi was always, punctual. He was always punctual in his appointments. He was always on the dot in attending his prayer meetings. He was as precise and punctual as a watch Punctuality is another name of readiness and self-discipline Gandhiji knew that a few minutes made all the difference between success and failure. We think of killing time, but actually, time is killing us. Shakespeare has underlined. This fact so beautifully in the words of King Richard III who said, “I wasted time, and now doth time waste me”

In running the race of life, we should be very particular about time at our disposal if we want to escape failures, defeat, humiliation and dishonour. Punctuality implies strict discipline, economy of time, best use, of opportunities and ever-readiness. You cannot keep your time-unless you are punctual. One unpunctuality leads to another and to ultimate failure and frustration. You are bound to create a very poor impression if you do not keep your appointment, or if you reach late. Lack of punctuality betrays a deep blemish in a person. It shows negligence, unreliability and want of consideration for others. Therefore, it is of utmost value and significance that we are ever punctual and in time. Never be late for it is to be “too late”

By being punctual we lubricate the machinery of life for smooth and efficient running. Our life is so complex and complicated. Things are inter-related and inter-dependent. By being late or unpunctual we disturb the smooth working of the entire venture. When we are punctual, our labours are lessened, our worries decreased and mind calm, disciplined and at ease. Unpunctuality makes us hurry through our work, and haste makes a lot of waste. Punctuality means doing things exactly in time; it means sufficient time at our disposal to perform our work smoothly according to our plans. It is of no use doing things by fits and starts. A punctual person commands respect, confidence and admiration of others with whom he comes in contact during his dealings. Punctuality is a great asset and virtue. By being unpunctual we not only cause harm to ourselves but also put others at a great inconvenience and disadvantage.

It is said that early bird catches the worm. Punctuality is a Part of the profound practical wisdom. Punctuality is all the secret of success; it is the gospel of value of time. It is not enough that we attempt right things in a right way, but we must also do it in right time. Punctuality is a matter of common sense. And it is well said that common sense plays the game of life with such cards as it has in its hands. It does not waste time in protesting that there are no “honours” or “trumps” among them. “Common sense bows to the inevitable, and makes use of it. It does not ask an impossible Chessboard, but takes the one before it, and plays the game.” And it makes all the difference that how you play.



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