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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Postman” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Postman

4 Best Essays on “The Postman”

Essay No. 01

The postman is a government servant. He brings us letters, parcels, money orders, and gifts. For all this, his visit is always welcome and everybody waits for him eagerly. He is sure to come, come what may. This makes his job very tough. In his beat, he has to go from house to house to deliver whatever he has in his big hag which he brings from the head post office.

The postman is a familiar figure and can easily be recognized by his Khaki dress. He is to cover a large distance daily. So, he uses a cycle. Looking at today’s postman one can assume that the ‘dres’ code’ for him has been given a holiday.

From his looks, he appears to be simple, humble, and courteous. In reality, he is a humble servant of society. With devotion, he performs his duty. He tries his best to deliver the post to the right address. He does not delay letters on his own accord. Often residents give him small tips and sweets at festivals. But tips or no tips) he is always dutiful and very honestly discharges his duty. He faces the elements but grumbles not.

In villages where the illiterate dwell, he performs the job of a reader and a writer. Doing so he does not expect anything in return. Villagers, lovingly and Out of respect, call him their `Dak Babu’.

The postman is an indispensable organ of the postal system and yet his compensation is meager. Whatever he gets is no match for his difficult responsibilities. Moreover, he cannot afford to be sick and he has to remain all fit to perform a tough job.

His future is bleak as we can safely say-once a postman, always a postman. No chances of promotion he has. His profile demands better treatment and the government must do something to better his lot.

Science has bestowed on us several quick means for sending messages. It is a plain fact that communication through correspondence is Well-nigh impossible without the express services of the postman.


Essay No. 02


The Postman

All of us know the postman very well. He is an important public servant. He is of great service to us. He wears a khaki uniform.

He delivers letters, parcels, money orders, and other things. These are from our relatives and friends. We cannot think of our life without a postman.

He has to go daily to many places to deliver letters, parcels, telegrams, etc. He is welcome at every door. He does not enjoy many holidays. His salary is not high.

A postman is a hard-working person. Sometimes it is very cold, or very hot, or there is heavy rain?-but he delivers letters without fail.

We wait for the postman eagerly every day. He brings letters from our friends and relations. I especially wait for him on my birthday and festivals. Then he brings many greeting cards and letters of good wishes.

A postman has to cover a particular area. Either he walks or rides a bicycle. He can be seen moving from place to place and house to house. In the rural area, he has to cover long distances.

We must respect him because he is very useful to us. He is just like our friend. He deserves our cooperation.


Essay No. 03

The Postman

News is the most eagerly awaited commodity in our world. The news could be about the world, the country, or our own family and friends. Radio, television, newspapers give us the latest information about what is happening around the globe every day. But what about news from our family and friends? It is provided by the medium of letters, telegrams, parcels, and money orders. The person who brings them to us is the postman.

A postman never makes you feel lonely. He connects you with the outside world. He is considered to be an angel by most of us. Thus khaki-clad person carrying a bag on his shoulders and a bundle of letters in his hands is a widely recognized person. In crowded colonies, the sight of him brings housewives and children running out of their houses into the open. They gather around him and eagerly ask for their letters. For those who cannot read and write the postman acts as both reader and writer of their letters

Young people get the news of their appointments or rejections through the postman. Old people get the news of their children from the letters delivered by the postman. Still, others receive valuable information via the postman. In remote areas, the postman shares the joys and the sorrows of the people living there. He brings them their money orders and parcels from the city. In large cities, he has unfortunately become a distant figure. His role has become restricted to putting the letters in the letterboxes kept outside by the householders.

A postman does his duty conscientiously. He never falters in rain or bad weather. He is poorly paid yet he never thinks of stealing the money orders and parcels that are under his care. There is however a few black sheep in this profession who have given a bad name to the postman. Thankfully they are few and far between. A postman does hard-work from morning till evening. He deserves all the cooperation and sympathy from everyone of us.

Essay No. 04

Essay on ‘A Postman’

A postman is a useful public servant. He wears a khaki uniform. He carries letters, parcels and sometimes telegrams. He is usually seen by the residents of his area at fixed hours. People wait for him eagerly for their expected dak.

The duty of a postman is very hard. He must deliver the dak whether it is sunshine or a rainy day. Most of the time he has to walk on foot. He collects letters and parcels from his post office. He puts them in the order of his distribution pattern.

He is liked by everybody. He brings letters from our relatives. He brings news of joy for some of us and bad for others. It is his duty. He is often rewarded for bringing good news.

To the people, he is a symbol of duty. He is regular and punctual. He performs his duty under all circumstances, natural or unnatural. He sometimes reads out letters to illiterates or old people. He is a link between us and our relatives and friends. He is known for his regularity, punctuality, and dutifulness. He is a friend and guide to rural people. He should be paid better pay. After retirement, he gets a small pension.


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