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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Intermingling of Religion with Politics” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Intermingling of Religion with Politics

A small splinter glows and becomes the epitome of devastation. Angry passions flame up and ignite the harmony. With this begins the unending decimation ruthless killing of men and women and children of innocent charm. Hue and cry, lament and mourning, sobs and sniffles and nobody to wipe the tears from the innocent eyes. How gruesome how poignant. The aftermath itself is painful and speaks of the scourge of communalism. But this affliction is not allayed and minds of the people remain obsessed with the desire for revenge. Women and children continue to be haunted by hunger and privation. And behind the scene our beloved politicians enjoy this dazzling spectacle and are happy to see how has their chicanery worked. Our elated politicians consider religion to be a knuckle bone, play with it and try to accomplish their nefarious deeds.

Indians are deeply influenced by religion and have an unflinching faith in God. We just can not allow anybody to hurt our religious sentiments and if there is any blow, our audacity is channelised and we do not hesitate in performing blood spilling operas. This fact is a master weapon in the hands of our politicians and whenever and wherever necessary they make the perfunctory fight for the trivial issues and make it as communal right. This deliberate intervention of religion in politics has made murder and mayhem a macabre recurring ritual in India, the masses loses the power to see things in the light of understanding and without probing in to the cause, jumps into the flame and spreads the dole everywhere. But the unscrupulous religious heads and gluttonous politicians are least bothered. They are rather gratified for they have won the hearts and votes of many for which they had played such an ugly stratagem. The harangue convince the people that their religious sentiments can only be guarded if they vote for them. What a beautiful impetus. Even God is not spared and is used as.a panacea for their incurable disease of never being satiated. The gullible Indian, the credulous mass is deluged by the spontaneous eloquence and tall promises and remains obscure of the ugly mien hidden under the white mask.

The complete infrastructure of politics today is contaminated and has just been reduced to a slovenly way of achieving slovenly ends. Whether the smiles are usurped or the feelings are crushed. Whether God is thrown into streets or his creations are destroyed. Who bothers, Who cares ? Fortune favours the brave and plenty politicians are sure to get rich dividends for they have really preserved. And now when they have overcome the heavy odds, destiny immerse them in vodka. Indeed a lovely reward. On the other hand their nation for whose cause their heart was bleeding at the election time is caught in grip of hunger and destitution. And what about the promises ? Lost to the oblivion. One could have never imagined that no man could fall to such an extent where he would become a misanthrope and that too in the name of God.

The whole city blazing, hundred killed thousands injured and several other breathing their last. Aligarh and Mumbai were burning in the flame of communalism and the cause behind this was the trivial Ram Janm bhoomi Babri Masjid issue which has been lighted and brought into mainstream of Indian politics just to prepare a large vote bank. Almost each and every part of the country was affected and so much affected that till today fear of insecurity plagues the people. Even the innocents get, scared in their sleep and hide their faces in their mother bosom. These riots continue to take place and will ever continue till we understand the simulating politicians and do not get swayed by the demagogy of unscrupulous elements.

We comprehend that the fire is dangerous and yet jump into it. Ironical it is to us to keep the sacred serene religion away from the monstrous politics. Religion and politics are two different refugees-one of saint and other of the scoundrel.


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