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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Subhash Chandra Bose” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Subhash Chandra Bose : Leader of Azad-Hind-Fauj


Amidst the prevailing gloom of British imperialism which had chained our motherland and the clouds of foreign rule closing in from all sides, India was lucky to find a brave son waging a lone battle against the might of her oppressors. Netaji’s life is synonymous with the fate of a tiny boat struggling with all its might in the tempest prevailing in the ocean which is willing to see light in the surrounded clouds and is optimistic till the very end of its possible victory. Netaji was one of the greatest son of India. He emerged on the scene when India needed him the most. Life was a liability for him. The foremost thing in his mind was freedom for the country. Everything else was relegated to a second position. Built of extraordinary courage, self-confidence and with stubborn faith in his abilities, Netaji’s call Delhi Chalo (March to Delhi) still reverberate in our ears. Netaji taught us to love motherland from the deepest core of the heart and it is our duty to improve its lot. Whatever be the state of the country, the onus lies on its citizens and none can escape this responsibility. It is unfortunate that a majority of our countrymen see gold in other countries and never hesitate to express their admiration for them. Frustration is writ large on the faces of young people who are too keen to accept defeat in a situation dominated by corruption, illiteracy, bankruptcy unemployment and a numbers of related problems. If the Indians had to fight the foreign rule in the pre-Independence day’s they now have to struggle against the demons of violence, rising hatred and most important of all, the demagogy and corruption of politicians. The life of Netaji calls us to wake up from the slumber and fight against the multitude of problems facing our country. Struggle was in his veins and he was a born fighter. Undaunted courage, openness of mind and an irresistible urge to free his mother land took him to such levels of greatness where he stands all alone in the crowd of millions. He never lost heart when he was deserted by other leaders. Suspension from Congress meant his virtual isolation from the freedom struggle. Unmoved by the setback he waged a lone battle against the British when other leaders were behind the bars. He was a non-believer in the principle of non-violence he felt that freedom can be achieved by sacrifice. We have to pay a price to achieve it. Freedom obtained free that is by non-violence is equivalent to virtual subjugation and the people will always remain indifferent to the causes of the nation. This was the reason he founded the Indian National Army to liberate his motherland and got Japanese support for his cause.

Netaji was always receptive to other’s ideas, even if they did not match with his extremist views. His extremist ideas brought him in sharp conflict with Gandhiji and other leaders but he was never seen criticising them publicly and had enormous respect for Gandhiji. His popularity saw his getting elected to Presidentship of Indian National Congress twice.

He showed us that mass support economic conditions are all secondary requirement. What is important is the will to do things. The other things follow subsequently. India was his first love and he would do anything to quell the voice of the person who dared to denigrate her. An insult done to an Indian, he felt, was an insult to the whole country. He took the Indian Civil Services Examination and finished fourth just to prove that Indians possessed the ability of becoming masters and erased the myth that governing was only suited for the British.

Netaji was a staunch secularist. Religion was alien to him in politics. He identified people by their nationality and admired their valour, bravery and commitment for the cause of the motherland. The composition of the INA clearly exemplifies his feelings. His principle of providing equal rights to every individual was revealed. When after inheriting the reign of the INA he shocked the old guard with his intention of making the revolution truly representative by including the half of India.”—The women.

A women wing was formed in Indian National Army whose duties varied from nursing the wounded to actual guerilla fighting in the jungles. He urged that it was imperative that we fight for not only political freedom, but also for social freedom and the women of India must fight for their own social emancipation within the parameters of freedom struggle.

Netaji’s policies were seldom in unison with those of other leaders. Still his greatness lies in a different order his dedication and love for the country was enormous which often incite him to choose the dangerous path by putting his own life at risk. In the present scenario, Netaji stands as a shinning example for all of us, constantly reminding us that we have got only political Independence, not social and economic Independence, which we should strive to achieve. We are never alone in this dangerous world of corruption treachery and deception. We have to struggle single handedly and our weapons will be courage and determination marked by an iron-will that could defeat the biggest enemy. The dreams is still unfulfilled in real terms. The enemies have changed but the remains the same and it is on to the citizens to complete the job still undone and place the country on such a pedestal, where it could achieve its deserving rightful place.


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