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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Smoking in Public Places” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Smoking in Public Places

Essay No. 1

The smell of smoke makes me feel claustrophobic. My weak lungs have to fight to breathe. I have to deal with it outside the theatre, the mall, on the railway platform, in the restroom, and in almost every public place I visit. I am in support of the banning of smoking in public places.

Second-hand smoke is very harmful to non-smokers. Every time I inhale second-hand smoke it makes me angry that I am being subjected to it. Smokers believe that it is a free country and they should have the right to smoke wherever they please. A right that impinges on the comfort of your fellow citizens needs to be reviewed. No one is refuting the smoker’s right to smoke, it’s just that, it’s about time that smokers realized that non-smokers have rights too. Every ole has a right to a clean and safe environment.

Youngsters watch older folk smoke in public places and think it’s cool to smoke. They try to emulate them. They think that smoking will make them look mature. Smokers must remember that they are disregarding their social responsibility to these youngsters when they smoke publicly. If they must smoke, then they should do so in private and not in a place where it might affect those who choose not to.


Smoking in Public Place

Essay No. 2

There are 120 million smokers in India, of them one million or more die every year and 3,000 in a day, by reason of tobacco use in one form or the other. These figures though staggering but real, at the very onset of our discussion, causes us to realize as to how far this evil practice (smoking) is lethal not only for the smokers but also for those who have occasions to have been around the smokers, called passive smokers. It is under this felt necessity, the Central Government embarked upon to issue a notification to prescribe rules relating to smoking in Public Place called ‘prohibition of smoking in Public place Rules, 2008. Further, the Supreme Court endorsing the Government’s efforts, upheld the Rules to be implemented from October 2, 2008. The expression “public place’ has been given wide amplitude to cover almost all those places, where the general public has occasion to visit. Thus, Public Places within the definition of the said Rules include auditoria, hospital buildings, health institutions, amusement centers, restaurants, public offices, court buildings, educational institutions, libraries, public conveniences, stadia, railway stations, bus stops, workplaces, shopping malls, cinema halls, refreshment rooms, discotheques, coffee houses, pubs, bars, airport lounges, etc. The violation of the rules fetches publishment of fine upto Rs. 200. Further, rules say that employees or visitors shall not be permitted to smoke within the office which includes staircases/elevators, lobby, passages, terrace, and the parking area. However, the authorized personnel can approve or provide for the separately ventilated area, called a “smoking area” to be suitable for smokers to use for the purpose

The creditworthy steps, that the Government has taken to bring in the impugned rules is a commendable effort to be effective for saving the innocent non-smokers from the evil effects of smoking, But at the same time, it is now up to the enforcing agencies as to how they implement the rules extensively, effectively and indiscriminately. People at large, the common people are also duty-bound not just to abide by the rules but also to cooperate in order to accomplish the desired objective. It is also submitted that Government should have taken some additional measures like awareness campaigns, etc., to restrain people from smoking or to help them quit this evil practice. Merely imposing such a minuscule fine of Rs. 200 is not enough to meet the goal of a smoke-free nation and a pollution-free environment.


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