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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Shyness” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



According to the dictionary meaning, a person is said to be shy when he is disposed to avoid any person or a thing. A shy person is easily frightened, is hesitant in committing himself, is marked by sensitive diffidence. A shy person is bashful, coy and exhibits a timid reserve, always shirking from familiarity or contact with others. A shy person’s diffidence stresses a distrust of one’s own ability or influence that causes hesitation in acting or speaking or suggests absence of confidence.

It is an undeniable fact that the shyness is a great disadvantage in life. A shy person never attains social popularity. He has many handicaps, particularly in the field of dealings with other human beings. It is normally difficult for a shy person to imbibe the team spirit. He is unfit for many walks of life where quick action and presence of mind are required, say, for instance, the military career. He normally lacks quality of leadership which is an important trait for those careers where public relations have a place. In modern society, where sociability is a great asset, a shy person can never fit well. He is out of place, always and everywhere.

There are, however, some fields in which shy persons can shine. A shy person makes better use of his talent genius for creative arts. History shows that many a shy person, having failed in many walks of life, took to arts and created wonders for the world. Some of world’s great artists, painters, sculptors and poets were shy persons who had been despised by society for their unsocial behaviour and who had to seek refuge in tight corners. Their unharnessed energy undigulged talent and unexposed aesthetic sense found expression through arts. They created masterpieces which became immortal. The world was surprised at the depth of their inner emotion, the concentrated sentiments, their intellectual upsurge and the warmth of their sentiments. They created pieces of art which became immortal. The world was surprised at the depth of their inner emotion, the concentrated sentiments. They created pieces of art which sentimentalized the society and brought to limelight the inner human urges which find expression under conditions of stress and strain. The social outcasts turned out to be great artists, entertaining the world with beauty of their image and the strength of their vision.

There are many other fields where shy people have risen. Some of the world’s philosophers have won name and fame by creating philosophies and guiding the world with their philosophical thoughts from their study tables. Despised by society for their unsocial behaviour, they confined their energies to studying the philosophies of the world and subsequently gave to the world new ideas, doctrines and logical discourses. Some of these philosophers have to their credit great inventions and discoveries in the field of science. Some of the great scientists of the world were shy persons who concentrated their thought and attention on the mysteries of the universe, on the deepest layers of the scientific phenomenon and made original contributions of great importance.

Shyness has its Valatie as an instrument of creativity. A person, who is shy, is naturally confined to himself. He has his energies and ideas securely locked within his own arena, the area of his thoughts being merged in the Sublimation of his own personality. If he is a genius, his talent is bound to expand itself in certain directions and create results. There are no diversions to disperse his energies into useless directions. The height of his imagination finds new skies to traverse, the depth of his ideas finds new oceans to dive into, his inventing spirit finds new pastures to discover new treasures. His mind, his body and his soul unite to create something new, something original, something novel for the world to gape at. Undisturbed by the worries and cares of the world, he delves deep into the world of knowledge, creating new knowledge, new discoveries, new inventions, wherever possible.

The above discussion, of course, does not mean that persons who are not shy cannot achieve heights, which say persons can in the fields of arts and sciences, philosophy and religion. But one can safely assume that the amount of concentration required for original creation in these fields is more possible in the case of shy persons than in the case of sociable persons. A sociable man has many distractions of the social life demanding his attention. His interests are diversified. He may make great success in many walks of life but he can seldom go deep into the realms of art, philosophy and science. It requires the devotion of detached persons—detached from the cares and caresses of modern life to achieve the height of a saint, the depth of a philosopher and the master mind of an engineer. There is nothing to worry for a person who happens to be shy by temperament. If he has other virtues of head and heart, if he has devotion to some noble cause in life, and he has the will-power and determination to achieve something great, he has every chance to go ahead, without any hindrances of serious nature.


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