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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “My Hobby” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Hobby

                Now-a-days many of us remain very busy. When we are tired of routine work, we want recreation. Hobby is an occupation which we do either when we are tired or when we have no work to do. This occupation or hobby depends upon the interest of man. There are a lot of hobbies, e.g., gardening, stamps, collecting, old coins collecting, photography, painting, music, boating, fishing, novel reading, seeing picture, etc. My hobby is gardening.

                I am very fond of flowers. We have a small garden to the back our house, in which we have planted many rare plants of flowers. I am also fond of vegetables because, on one hand, they look charming and on the other hand, they are used in kitchen and save our money. So, I take much interest in sowing seeds of vegetables.

                I started this hobby about 5 years ago. Now, I have complete knowledge of gardening. I know how to make soil fertile by using different manures. I have a booklet on gardening. With the help of this booklet I come to know about the proper way of sowing seeds of different vegetables and flowers in every season. I buy the best kind of seeds and sow them in my garden at a proper time. I get all the seasonal vegetables before they are available in the market and my garden is full of fresh flowers. I devote four hours in my garden, two in the morning and two in the evening on a daily basis. I dig the ground with a spade and mix fertilizers. Then I make beds of appropriate size. When the soil and beds are ready, I sow seeds in them and water the beds. After a few days, these seeds sprout and begin to grow into plants. I look after them like my children. From time to time, I dig the ground so that the roots of plants may get air and sunlight. Whenever, it is needed, I water these plants. I also uproot weeds and grass.

                Sometimes, these vegetables and flowers are in large quantity that we look a them fascinated and we distribute them to our neighbours and other people. My other family members also take interest in gardening. They also help me in this work. My younger brother works with me in my garden. Now, we have a fence on all sides of this garden and thus it is protected from stray animals. I have also built a gate on one side of it.

                I take interest and delight in gardening. It requires a little labour but its return is high. Gardening is also one good form of exercise to maintain good health. On the one hand, I get exercise and on the other hand. I get fresh vegetables daily and delight from colourful and fresh flowers.


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