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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “India and her Neighbours” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India and her Neighbours


                India is a peace loving country, making sincere endeavour to promote peace in the world. She has pursued a policy of good neighbourliness throughout her history. She has tried to accommodate with the small countries on her eastern and northern borders. Whether it is Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, or Nepal; New Delhi has left no stone unturned to remove the misunderstandings and dispel the fears which small countries naturally entertain about their giant neighbours. India has no aggressive designs against any country and this point has been repeatedly driven home to neighbouring countries.

                India stands for peace and good will among nations. She believes in peaceful co-existence, respect for each other’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs. Thus, to keep cordial and friendly relations with each other, it is necessary that countries should respect each other’s national unity, territorial integrity, political independence and sovereign equality and treat each other on the basis of equality and mutual respect. It is most unfortunate that out neighbours, China and Pakistan, have some evil designs against India. China attacked India in 1962. It was a severe blow to our friendship with China. Similar was our experience with Pakistan that forced three wars evil designs against India. The war in 1971 resulted into the birth of a new nation, Bangladesh, which was freed from the tyranny of Pakistan. India played a major role in this war of Independence. Our recent experience in Kargil show that Pakistan is bent upon breaking up India. Bangladesh soon forgot India’s obligations. She has some dispute with her on the Ganges water and Farakka barrage.

                Government is deeply concerned over the growing military and technological might of Pakistan and China. India is in constant fear from Pakistan’s acquisition of most sophisticatged weapons, aircraft F-16 and airborne warning and control system (AWACS) from America. India has carried out experiments of nuclear weapons. However, she has declared time and again that she is committed to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. She is against nuclear weapons. On the other hand, Pakistan, developed nuclear weapons with clandestine support of China and has also warned India of its use.

                Turbulence of Sri Lanka about Tamil land though is an internal affair of Sri Lanka, India cannot remain a silent spectator. It has caused a serious concern for India regarding her security.

                India is making constant efforts to improve her relations with China through growing mutual contact as evidenced by the exchange of visits of prime minister, cultural delegations, and artists; and delegations for various types of negotiations including trade and the restoration of communication. It is hoped that these efforts will not go to vain.

                Talks for negotiations for improving relations with Pakistan are a stumbling block. It is wished that these countries would live like good neighbours in the years to come.


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