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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Human Values” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Human Values 


What a piece of work is man !

How noble in reason !

How infinite in faculties

In form and making, how express and adorable

In action, how like an angel.

In apprehension, how a good

The beauty of the world.

The paragon of animals.

Shakespeare’s evocation of the infinite faculties of man represents the full faith of his age in man’s ability to scale the heights of thought, love and beauty. It is the power of emotion and reason which sets the homo sapiens apart from the other beings which are on the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder. It is the utilization of these qualities, which moulds the personality of an individual are raising him to a God like height.

A body without a soul, implies a rotting carcass, left to waste away to nothingness. It is the sexual character which turns breathless life into an otherwise inanimate piece of clay, and transforming in into a living piece of creation. The same analogy can be applied to a person, who remains like a rocky island in the midst of thriving community. This point is valid in the light of the fact that it is through our inter relationship in a living society, that our values get full scope of expression. A person who can not interact with his fellow beings and who preters to remain within barriers can not appreciate those essential qualities which make the man the paragon of animals. It is an obvious fact that the essence of all human relationship is basically founded upon the presence or absence of value, take love for instance.

It is considered to be the crowning glory of all emotions. All personal relationship, be it friendship, marriage, parental care, are woven into intricate patterns with the binding thread of love. Human values bring into play not only our emotions, but our faculty of reason as well. In day today world of mundane reality, the man who stands out is the one who is seen to possess the basic elements of honesty integrity, coupled with an imaginative. yet disciplined mind. A true soldier is always distinguished from a mercenary because a mercenary is measured in terms of money. But loyalty is the guiding factor of patriot. He can not be bought and sold like in animate objects, and thus he is held in such high esteem by his country men.

If one happens to turn back the pages of history, the name of great men stand out in resplendent letters. Their lives are an example to future generations. But who search for the essence of their greatness. A little reflection will show why these men and women were great because they were more human than the rest of us. Gandhiji’s basic force of life was based on non-violence and truth. Our own freedom fighters serve as shining examples of great sacrifices which they made in order to deliver their motherland from bondage. Today, Mother Teresa stands out as a beckon of light, having brought about a sea-change in the lives of the under privileged, spreading the message of love.

It is however unfortunate, that in today’s world, there is a gradual erosion of these qualities. This loss of values alienate one individual from the other wearing away the mutual faith and trust, among fellowmen.

This loss of faith and trust in each other, liken us to ignorant enemies clashing by night. Are we to become the living dead living like robots- in a world consisting of concrete jingles ? Are we slowly becoming carcasses, with our souls ripping away into oblivion ?

No, we still have some vestiges of hope left. With this basic human trait we will make the world a better place so that posterity can echo.

Shakespeare’s words-How may Godly creatures are these here. How beauteous mankind is ! 0 brave new world. That has such people in it.


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