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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Experience is The Best Teacher” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Experience is The Best Teacher

Essay No. 01

Are you prepared to be operated on by a surgeon who has read all about it in books but has never done it before? Have you had your car repaired by someone reading from a manual but who has never been an apprentice? No! We define experience as direct personal participation. We define best as most excellent and we define teacher as someone or something that teaches others.

The first example about why experience is the best teacher is because you may be trained extremely well but without experience you .are likely to do worse than a person with less training but a lot of experience. The second example is about our law system. The final example is about some real-life experiences.

 If a child touched an iron and was burnt by it, he or she is more likely to remember not to do such a thing in future than another who is told time and time again not to touch it. Many times, as teachers would know, when you teach a pupil something on one day and he nods his head and says “yes I know”, and ask him the next day, there is a high chance that he has forgotten. However if he has learned it by an experiment or by experience, he is likely to remember for a very long time, sometimes even to adulthood. There is nothing better than experience -experience is the best teacher.

We gain this through our lives and by putting ourselves in different live situations to get it. We can read about how to debate but it is never as adequate as the experience of it, standing in front of an attentive audience, conscious of saying the right thing, even feeling self-conscious and embarrassed but having done this several times, gaining the experience to deal with it and to improve from it. We try saying the debate to ourselves, to our colleagues and family before coming here today just to get the experience! Practice makes man perfect.

 A second example our law system is based upon experience through punishment. Take for example a criminal being sentenced to five years imprisonment. He will be less likely to commit such a crime in future because of this. This is only possible if the lawyer or prosecutor is an experienced person.

A third and final example of why experience is the best teacher is you cannot be a barrister, a doctor or an engineer as soon as you finish University. You have to become an articles clerk and work under an experienced advocate to gain that kind of knowledge, an intern or an apprentice in a recognized hospital or medical institute to get sufficient experience first. You have to get an L or P driver’s license before you gain sufficient experience to obtain a full license.

Practical experience in a field or subject is the final step in mastering it, because certain tasks cannot be done effectively without practice and hands-on experience.

Experience is most definitely the best teacher.


Essay No. 02


Experience is the Best Teacher

Experience is the best teacher. Her great subject is the Art of Living. No one can teach us this as well as she can. She is a stern schoolmistress. She sets up hard lessons, severely punishes inattention and stupidity, and charges very high fees. But what she teaches, she teaches thoroughly. We never forget her lessons. The worst of it is that we sometimes learn her lessons too late. The man who breaks all the rules of health in his youth by self-indulgence and vice, learns at last, when his health is wrecked for life, the right way of living ; but too late to be of any use to him.

One might think that we should be glad to learn how to live a right from the experience of our fathers, as recorded in books or as taught by the advice of our elders. But somehow many young people do not. They scoff at warnings and advice, and go their own way. You may warn a child again and again against playing with matches; but he does not believe you, until he scorches his hands. After that “the burnt child dreads the fire”. You may tell a boy not to meddle with stray dogs; but he does not listen, till he gets a nasty bite from one. After that “once bitten, twice shy”. He has to learn from experience; and her lessons he will not forget.

In the same way older people have to learn for them-selves, often by bitter experience, such old truths as, “Honesty is the best policy”, “All is not gold that glitters”, “A rolling stone gathers no moss”, “He who touches pitch is defiled”, “No pains no gains”, “Waste not, want not”, “Cut your coat according to your cloth”, “A fool and his money are soon parted”, “Look before you leap”, and “The way of transgressors is hard”. In such old proverbs much wisdom gained by experience has been preserved. It is by suffering that we learn patience; by facing danger we learn courage; by sorrow we learn sympathy; by mistakes we learn wisdom.

But all the lessons taught by experience are not unpleasant. Whether they are pleasant or unpleasant depends on ourselves. For we can just as easily learn from experience that honesty pays in the long run, as that dishonesty does not; that temperance maintains health, as that excess ruins body and soul; that kindness to others brings us joy, as that selfishness breeds unhappiness; and that hard work brings success, as that idleness spells failure.


Essay No. 03

Experience is the Best Teacher

Outline: Bookish knowledge is imperfect — some examples of the value of experience — in the school of experience we learn the truth of familiar proverbs —experience – a means of moral improvement — conclusion.

The knowledge obtained from books and teachers is imperfect in several respects. It is dull and much of it is not really digested. Unless it is supplemented and modified by the wisdom gained from experience, it is misleading and sometimes dangerous. This is not to underestimate the importance of books. After all, the knowledge contained in books is based on experience. But experience is endless and we must constantly modify bookish knowledge in the light of practical experience.

If we visit historical places like Agra, Bijapur, the ruins at Hampi and the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, what we have learnt about these places from the text books on history will take on life, colour, and vividness. There can be no better way of learning the geography of different countries than actually visiting them and understanding them at first hand. To take examples of a different kind, do we not prefer an experienced doctor or lawyer to a novice, however highly qualified he may be? In certain spheres of life like politics, experience is a must. An arm chair politician is ineffectual and cuts a poor figure.

We know the meanings of several phrases and proverbs in a vague, general manner. Then we personally experience the truth contained in them, we discover their meaning afresh, and they cease to be stale and commonplace. I knew, for example, that the phrase ‘fish-market’ figuratively meant an extremely noisy, disorderly place. But it was only when I happened to visit a fish-market for the first time and observed the tremendous bustle and noise that prevailed there that the real meaning of the phrase flashed across my mind with the vividness and freshness of a discovery. How often do we repeat the familiar proverb ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed?’ We really understand its truth only when we are deserted by our so – called friends in times of adversity.

The lessons learnt from experience will not be forgotten. If you tell a lie and consequently find yourself in a tight corner, you are not likely to repeat your mistake in the future. Certain bitter experiences – failure and suffering make us realise our errors and shortcomings and thus teach us how to improve ourselves.


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