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Essay on “What is wrong with our Education?” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

What is wrong with our Education?


       Education implies cultivation of mind to make life tolerable with the acquisition of skills. It has been a part and parcel of human life since antiquity.  Education has become the basic human necessity and that is why everyone is keen to learn and educate himself as education equips him with the knowledge necessary to face the challenges of life.  There is an increasing realization all the world over that only through the right type of education can human beings be made good citizens and a better order of society tube built.  The real and effective education moist be based on the actual environment and the experiences and it must fit the student of the type of work he is expected to do in life.

            There has been, currently, a general feeling among the leaders, educationists and thinkers of various disciplines that there is something wrong in the current system of education.  No doubt, a plethora of education commissions and committees have been set-up from time to time to look into the problems of the system and suggest measures for improvements.  And a great number of experimentations in the processes of education have been undertaken or some of them are underway, but the real needs of the people and the country have not been fulfilled so far.

            India is a big country with only two- thirds of her population literate in spite of all the efforts made by the independent India so far.  The concept of universalisation of education was introduced only in recent years.  Our expenditure on education is less than three per cent of our Gross Domestic Product, as against the generally accepted norm of s0069 per cent or even above in the developed world.  Developing countries like India cannot afford to spend much on education owing to financial constraints.  The Government finds it difficult to sustain its education program meowing to a rapid increase in population.  Moreover, the Government itself, preoccupied as it generally is, with political issues and the problems of surgical in seats of office; do not seem to have the requisite will and inclination to concentrate on this vital problem of the nation, which offers solution to many national and other problems.

            Quite relevant to het problems of present system of education in this country in the defective curricula, the syllabi and the pattern of examinations.  All of them do no suit neither the students nor the society for which they are going to be prepared.  The hue and cry about the curricula and pattern of examinations is so great that some people consider it the real bane of the system and every time when there is a revising of text books and the curricula, the changes worsen the position and do not solve the main problem. It is generally felt that the authorities pay inadequate attention to the problems and are not able to see through the psychologies of the students and the environment for which they are going to be trained and this general carelessness has cost the country heavily.  In part, it is the symptom of, the general state of confused society in which very few take their duties seriously and everyone things only of cash rewards.

            The present education policy only ensures that students attend classes regularly, more and more children get admitted and there be less drop-out.  In order to ensure regular attendances, the government has introduced several measures such as the mid-day meals and no failures up to class 7. Here also the stress is on the quantity of student’s n school, not the quality many schools, especially in the rural areas do not have good buildings, teachers and proper teaching aids.  The government run schools in urban areas, which cater to the needs of lover class people generally, also present a bad picture.

            The most alarming aspect of the present system of education is that besides the most prestigious institutions available in the country imparting all types of higher education in the field of science, technology, medicine, management etc., totally run by the government, a great number of private instituting in the private sector, recognized by the government and affiliated to the prestigious universities, have become big business centers, concerned only with making money.  Most of them do not provide even the basic facilities to their students even after charging them lakh of rupees under various heads. Neither can we make education an expensive item far above the access of common-man, nor can we afford to provide good and quality education to the millions of this country free of cost.  A middle path has to be found out, and that also very soon, because every passing day n the prevailing crisis of education is a pain in the heart of the common man as it is he who is the ultimate sufferer in the whole process.


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