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Essay on “Voluntary Organizations Welfare Organizations” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Voluntary Organizations Welfare Organizations


In order to serve humanity, it was absolutely necessary to create an organised sector to do the work of service more methodically  and properly. So much so good but, as is true of everything, this system once adopted is bound to crumble under its own weight of mismanagement and corruption. 

The last few decades have shown a mushroom growth of voluntary organisations and voluntary agencies. Different organisations are found working in different sphere for the progress of the underprivileged. The growth of such organisations was a very welcome process, seeing the very vast scope of service, in India. However, as is true of all things, once the quantity increases, the quality diminishes, quite as if automatically. The voluntary organisations are no exception to this rule/ truth of all growth. Thus, with the growth in the numbers of organisations the output has also gone down. This has happened because, in the last few decades the wrong type of people have entered these organisations, having absolutely no intent of serving anyone except if possible themselves. This can be attributed to the unruly growth in numbers of such organisations.

The next very important point in this connection is that, unsavoury fact that, no work, really no work can be done without money. Thus, as work, or the sphere of work increases, the involvement of money also increases proportionately. With this, the inclusion of the moneyed class becomes inevitable and with this class coming in large numbers the class that can put in work ceases to be, or at least comes to a very low number. Besides this, the entry of the moneyed class in service organisations, they have become centres of glamour workshops instead of voluntary service cells. With this ugly appearance of most voluntary organisations, the work output has gone down because hands are very few who can deliver. The public image of these voluntary organisations has also gone down with money taking an important position in their working. The masses feel that, in the name of social work these organisations are only enhancing their own personal financial status. The image of voluntary organisations is not only that they do not do the work they are organised for but also that they have become hot spots of corruption, because huge amounts of money is involved in their working. The money that flows in by way of donations is conveniently siphoned off by self-styled sophisticated welfare organisations. Thus we can say that the sublime idea of helping the poor has become more or less a nefarious affair, full of corrupt practices, red tapism and all other vices all is there except social voluntary service. 

With organisations having become corrupt, individuals who may be having genuine interest in service to mankind have receded to the background. Moreover, the output of a hundred of people cannot be had from just two or three sincere workers. With this bleak future of voluntary organisations it appears as though service to humanity shall knock at other doors for help. 

It is not that no work is being done but, with the strength in numbers, the output must be manifold. Besides, the image once tainted, the poor class look with an eye of suspicion at service even sincerely done to them. All the workers who really perform also call for a doubtful integrity as, the majority it is felt, are corrupt, and not at all in the institution to serve. With this picture in the eye of the common man, I do wonder if these organisations can ever perform.

Once the voluntary part of these organisations has got lost, and members being taken in as if for their brand names, the collapse of the nerve centre of service is bound to occur.


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