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Essay on “The Story Of Man” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Story Of Man

It is now generally accepted that the earliest man perhaps first appeared in Africa. It appears there had been great many times  migration form one county to the other and even form one continent or region of the world to the other on a mass scale. It was large scale exodus. Most of it was  probably necessitated for food and, may be, safety and security from natural calamities, in clementines of weather, change in environment, wild beasts and even form other inimical tribunes or an internecine war between the members of the same tribe.

The early men moved about in groups in search of food. They remained and tried to settle near rivers and other sources of water as there they could get green plants and did not have to carry water of far off places for which they probably didn’t have much    means.

Later man invented new and improved methods of hunting. They also discovered fire and agriculture. They began to build huts and moved out of caves and valleys and tree shelters. They began to find means of protection against wild animals.

Still later, early men started domesticating certain animals for carrying loads,.  With the discovery of wheel, the means of transport were revolutionized.

Man’s implements, tools and weapons also changed from clay, atone, wood to copper and then iron. Civilization kept progressing till reached the modern level.


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