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Essay on “The Second Freedom Struggle” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Second Freedom Struggle


       Synopsis:  India is free country and yet is people are in the non wage of rampant corruption, appalling poverty, degrading illiteracy and deprivation.  Many criminal turned politicians are in the Parliament and legislatures.  They have become law and final authority into themselves, Indian democracy has turned into a mockery and the common men are being exploited and the country looted now by these born sahibs. Majority of the topple are still deprived of basic minim needs of living.  The urgent need to wage another struggle of freedom can hardly be over-emphasized.  The first fight was against our colonial masters and the second one is to be fought against corruption, poverty, criminalization etc.  But in the anew struggle there is death of leader like Gandhi, Nehru and Sardar Patel.  It seems the people will have to rest to the occasion as one man and succeed in defending the long cherished ideal and human values. 

            The freedom struggle against the colonialism and cans of slavery was fought with great determination, sense of purpose, togetherness and no sacrifice was spared under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, to name just a few. But now there is an urgent need to wage another crusade for freedom, a second freedom struggle against corruption, poverty, illiteracy, ill health and hunger,.  But unfortunately there are not genuine leaders, guides, revolutionaries and visionaries of the stature of Jai Prakash Narian, Lala Lajpat Rai and others.  The situation looks hopeless and quite desperate and yet there is hope for the people of median have maturated enough in all these years to safeguard democracy, equality and justice.

            Interception is also added by 2 medium range air-to-air missiles capable of shooting down and enemy aircraft.  These medium range air-to-air missiles on LCA WILL HAVE a RANGE OF AT LEAST 60 km. The DRDO is working on the Astra, an indigenously developed air-rot-air missile for LCA.  The LCA can also be boarded with short range air-to-air missiles of combat purpose. The LCA can provide very effective strafing at a high rate by guns on enemy infantry troops.

            Development and induction of such a multipurpose and so efficient combat aircraft coupled whither development of a number of strategic and state of the art missiles like Agni, Amahs, Prithvi, Nag, Trisha etc. would prove a great deterrent to the hostile neighbors and they would not cast an evil eye on the county.  As pointed out by the Prime Minster Incas has leant woo lessons in its 50 years of independence. First, if the country had ever lost it was because of lack of technology and not velour.  The other was that technology becomes obsolete fast and research and development had to keep pace.  LCA is one of our top priority project dens its successful completion would be certainly a new feather in our cap.

            About 550 MPs out of the 780 odd members of both the Houses took part in the marathon debate on burning issues and current national problems,.  The session lasted for 6 days instead of scheduled 4 days spreading over 65 hours in the Look Sabah.  But there are many who are skeptic about the whole exercise and its utility nod see it as another bout of rhetoric and empty words In one of the popular English national dailies the brilliant editorial read,” Instead of wasting all those thousands of words, these leaders could have asked themselves what their own role and been in promoting, or, at any rate, not preventing, the process of decay and degradation.  …. the diseases have been more or less diagnosed.  For instance, there is rampant corruption; but those with power vested anthem to deal with it re either “helpless” or those actions are in the wrong direction.

            However, let us hope and believe this historic session was not just another futile and costly exercise of rest. 7,000 per minute.  Though public memory might be short but its wrath and dispensation is like that of Destiny which should keep the speakers weal aware of their words and oblige them to translate their speeches into practice.


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