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Essay on “The Science of Vaastu And Geopathy” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Science of Vaastu And Geopathy

Vaastu is the ancient science and is based upon realistic energy effects. This can be related to magnetic radiation or sound waves. The concept of “negative” and “positive” energy being properly harnessed forms the basis of several ancient sciences on the well being of man. Environment, mental and physical health of the human being is closely related. Once this factor gained recognition, efforts were made to create proper environment for the people.

Literally Geo means ‘earth’ and pathy refers to ‘disease’. Thus science of geopathy is the study of the diseases of the earth. An interesting aspect of geopathy is that equal importance was given to both the structure and the invisible radiation underneath the earth. Geopathy recognises that electromagnetic radiation which are cosmic in origin surrounds the globe.

There are many factors that can contribute to geopathic stress. One is the underground streams which suddenly change course or meet with falls even if they are at great depths from the surface.

Dr.Ernst Hartmann, another German scientist discovered charged lines crisscrossing on east-west and north-south directions and where two lines met they formed over each other, double positive or double negative junctions. Many researches in this field have established that sleeping over these crossed junctions may cause organic diseases, including cancer.

Modern geopathy recognises several factors which could make a building ‘sick’. An area which is consistently damp or smells of dampness without any apparent cause is an area of ‘negative energy’, according to geopathy. According to vaastu, one should not build a structure in the area of permanent dampness. Vaastu advocates rejection of plots with anthills. Geopathy also concedes with this observation. Any place where ants build a home has negative grid points and are not advisable. As per geopathy, certain measures are to be taken to overcome the negative energy before considering a structure on the plot. Vaastu rejects plots having trees where beehives exist. Geopathy also states that bees favour negative energy field for building a hive and corrective measures to eliminate the negative fields are to be adopted if bees are spotted frequently or if they start working on a hive.

Studies have shown that good health and Vaastu are closely related. It is an established fact that earth has a magnetic field. Some of the radiation from the earth is beneficial while some are hazardous. The harmful radiation is due to the presence of ores underneath, due to underground streams and due to rocks lying in Parallel alignment.

It is interesting to note that gypsies never get cancer! Why?  Because they are nomads, who can instinctively locate an earth radiation. Exposing oneself to earth’s radiation for a long period of time leads to cancer.


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