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Essay on “The Nuclear Option” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Nuclear Option


Synopsis: America has developed new weapons of mass destruction, more powerful than the earthquake bombs on the pretext of punishing the so-called “rogue countries”.  China is also increasing and expanding her nuclear and missile muscle.  She is also supplying nuclear weapon technology to Pakistan to Indian’s great security rid. In such a situation India’s keeping nuclear option open is right and understandable but unfortunately nothing has been done to exercise this option since Pokhran test in 1974 and it has cost the country a lot in terms of political capital etc.  This procrastination in going nuclear is baffling and undesirable. 


            In spite of NPT, CTBT, FMCT/MTCR etc. the nuclear nations are busy in upgrading they weapons of mass destruction and stockpiling nuclear warheads.  The US has already developed new bombs, more powerful than the earthquake bombs.  These bombs are said to be able to penetrate deep underground nuclear launchers, hidden reactors and buried stockpiles of chemical weans.   The US alibi for developing these so potent weapons is to earth with what she describes as the “rogue States” like Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Libya den North Korea.  The development of the new B61-11 nuclear free fall bombs are designed to deliver most of the energy from a nuclear blast into the ground, giving it larger acceleration t destroy deeply buried targets. 

            Pakistan’s leading nuclear scientist, Dr. Abdul Queer, said on 16 August, 1997 that despite criticism from western world his country would go ahead with its nuclear plan which would act as perfect deterrent against Ian.  He said, “Whatever the West has said about, this programme has proved to be a blessing for us.  The deterrent capability of Pakistan’s nuclear plan has been proved by the fact there has been no war between India and Pakistan since 1971.” America has also been going ahead with its Presser amendment programme and increasing economic aid to Islamabad. 

            Twenty year ago on 18 May, 1974, India conducted its only nuclear test at Pokhran in Rajasthan, But since then nothing has been done to exercise the nuclear option and it still remains neglected and unconsummated despite India’s exposure to nuclear and missile threats from Pakistan and China. Our capacity and capability to develop nuclear weapon system remain unused and unemployed and it exposes the hollowness of our security policy and hypocrisy of its planners.

            Nuclear nations are not easy for a nuclear weapon free world.  They find these weans no even more important than ever before.  The CTBT ha seen signed without linking it with any time bound disarmament programme. Moreover, there are many loopholes in the treaty which allow the nuclear nations to continue their sub-critical tests.  The situating warrants that India makes her own nuclear deterrents and produces missiles which can penetrate far into the hostile neighbor’s heartland.  It means that Indian IRBMs must have the penetration range up to 3000km. and 4000km.


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