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Essay on “The Horrors of War” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Horrors of War

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Essay No. 01

       With the development of science a d technology, the modern man is facing a great threat of an impending war everywhere. All the states are spending enormously for war preparedness to make them capable of facing the challenge of war. There is a continuous effort going on in all the countries to obtain the most sophisticated weapons of warfare including the deadly missiles capable to be directed at a target at a distance of hundreds of kilometers, carrying the most deadly bombs to make devastations beyond measure. Not to speak of the nuclear warheads, which many countries boast of having added to their weaponries, have put humanity at the brink of devastation. On one hand, the world is making rapid strides in its development in all the fields of technology making man more and more comfortable and aware but on the other the horrors of war the increasing at an incredible speed. But this also does not guarantee any peace. No doubt, humanity has been able to avoid a world war after the two world wars created havoc worldwide but still the common man has suffered the impact of wars every time and we do not imagine a future without war. World War II, was supposed to be fought to end wars for all times. But if any armed clash could end wars for all times, there would have been no conflicts after the initial ones fought thousands of years ago. The harsh reality is that each war has become more ferocious and m0re destructive than the previous one. The causes of international strifes are many. One of the causes in the olden days was religion. The religious fanatics fought wars to prove their upper hand as they thought that the principles and thoughts for which they fought would from then onwards be universally accepted. It is also said that the wars fought for the propagation of religion and issues related to it have caused bloodshed far more than any other reason. Although the issues concerning religion have now receded to the background but still they have an impact on many issues which cause wars. India has suffered three wars with Pakistan since its partition on the basis of religion. The terror sponsored and activated by Pakistan in Kashmir on the basis of religion is gaining momentum day by day and the border between the two construes is always hot causing damage to many lives. Both the countries are spending millions on their masses of the developmental process. The other vital cause for their military hardware which they are manufacturing in their factories and if there is peace and issues between nations are settled for good, they will have to close their production of sophisticated arms, and their supremacy over the world will be no more which they will never like.

            The ambitious politicians and warmongers in certain countries try to engage their people in strife with some neighboring country on the pretext of settling a non-issue. By doing so they succeed to continue in power wit bout solving or looking into the problems faced by the people of their country. Their economies continue to be in shambles and their people continue to suffer extreme poverty but the witty administrators continue exploiting the emotions of the people and deprive them of their moral right to advancement. Lots of people are sacrificed on the borders or inside their territories and properties worth millions is dashed to the ground.

            The lesson of history is that, instead of settling anything, wars create more problems and generate greater hatred between nations. At best, a war may decide one issue, which party or participant is militarily stronger and capable of causing more destruction than ever. Thus the causes of war are many and varied, some major, some minor, but each time the destruction of life and property a war causes, is colossal; it is all the price of human foolishness, insanity or fulfillment or certain selfish motives or the price of the blood of lots of innocent lives.

            Another obnoxious face of modern warfare is terrorism. It is a secret warfare which can target the strongest of the strong and cause damages beyond the control of anyone. The terrorists strike in the heart of cities causing causalities on innocent people and damaging property. The recent terrorist blitz on the United States on September 11, 2001, will remain fresh forever in the minds of people. The only superpower in the world was caught off guard, totally defenseless against the well planned, well-coordinated and most massive suicide terrorist attack ever as two high jacked planes one after another guided by terrorists slammed into the prestigious twin towers of the World Trade Centre in the heart of New York City. The horrors of war have expanded their wings everywhere. In the olden days, the ground wars were fought on borders and it was exclusively a matter to be dealt with by the military forces on the border. The civilians suffered no direct impact except certain restrictions imposed and the indirect after-effects of the damages of war. The threat of nuclear and chemical warfare is already looming large on the world a nuclear war may mean global destruction. Who knows when a warmonger will turn his head and commence this wholesale destruction as there will be nobody to stop in them, as counterattacks are bound to take place? The preparations are enormous and more is lagging behind.

            Now it is, where the saner elements can work worldwide, to avoid troubles. Humanity is becoming a single entity as a result of the efficient communication system as such the developments at a place are having influenced worldwide, and any effort to avoid strife can be effective on people to people level. The common man has no scores to settle between nations. Their interests and problems are common. They can share problems with each other and help in making a conducive environment between nations. The times of expanding borders into each other territory have gone. No one is interested in digging out the old graves. Everyone likes to live peacefully at its own place and take the maximum advantages of the nature’s bounty. Live and let live should be maximum to be followed by all. There is no dispute between nations which cannot be settled on the table. The advanced countries should let the weaker and developing nations grow naturally and provide them all possible help and aid. The arms race can benefit none; neither the manufacturers of those weapons nor those who want to make a show of their improved war preparedness to harass their so-called enemies. Terrorism can be curbed by exposing the secret designs of some countries for others territories and by international efforts these nations can be singled out very easily so that they stop interference in other matter and learn to live peacefully and let other also live in peace.

            The world today cannot bear any war, neither between any two countries nor a global one. It will be the end of everything, the doomsday, which no one would lie to befall.


Essay No. 02


Horrors of War

It is admitted on all hands that war is a terrible thing. In olden times, wars were fought with bows and arrows and clubs and spears. Then wars were not so dangerous.

Then came guns, cannons, rifles, pistols, and small bombs. Then wars became more horrible. With the manufacturing of warplanes, warships, gunboats, torpedoes, and missiles wars became even more destructive. There was more loss of life and property in the first and second world wars than perhaps in all human history taken together prior to that.

With the making of the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb and innumerable other destructive explosive things including nuclear, bacteriological, and chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction (WMD), the destructive power of the war machinery has assumed unimaginable proportions.

Now a number of countries like the USA, the UK, France Russia, China, India, Pakistan, etc. have nuclear weapons and missiles of various categories on which nuclear warheads can be mounted.

The destruction which modern wars cause is immense. Crops are destroyed. Cities are leveled. Even educational institutions and hospitals are not spared. Thousands of women become widows. Millions of children become orphans.

May God forbid, if nuclear war takes place, the whole of mankind may be wiped -off the face of the earth. So, effective steps must be taken to banish war altogether.

Essay No. 03

Horrors of War

Body-Consequences of the war-destruction of the nation’s wars of today-war as an instrument to kill innocent people-war for the superiority of the race.

The conclusion-Changing face of the modern warfare.

Wars have always been fought since the advent of mankind. During ancient times, the reasons for one city going to war with another were usually the cattle or land. But slowly three main factors namely—wealth, women, and land became the main causes of war. Such conquests meant more jobs and prosperity back home to these nations.

In the process of their conquests, these nations destroyed the defeated nation’s craft, natural wealth, and the pool of talented workmen. This was done in order to curb any resistance that might be there in the local people.

War is no longer restricted to the fighting armies. War became an instrument of total destruction of a civilization. It killed and maimed innocent people who were in no way linked with the causes of war. Invading armies targeted women and children, sick and the old. Indiscriminate firing and bombardments reduced to rubble hospitals, blood banks, schools, and residential areas.

Instead of a battle on a battlefield, war is today fought on the street of cities and towns. Tanks and artillery fire no longer fight in formations instead they move as independent units inside the city. Thus destroying all that comes in their way. Soldiers fight from rooftops and behind the windows and not while charging straight at the enemy.

Air force planes do not bomb the enemy tanks and cannons as done previously. Instead, they carpet-bombing civilian residential areas. In the process killing children and other innocent people. They destroy homes and separate people from each other. Moving armies rob and plunder homes, shops, and banks as was done by the Iraqi army during its invasion of Kuwait

There was a time when to fire on a retreating enemy was against the rules of the war. Today countries like the USA do it often as was done by it on the retreating Iraqi army during the Gulf war. Big nations like the USA cover this act of cowardice by clever media publicity.

And lastly, ethnic conflicts and selective killing of a particular race are common. Be it they then the Tamils or Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, or the Bosnian Muslims in Serbia.

Unlike yesteryears, wars are more violent and more full of the blood of innocent people. They leave behind more unhappiness and tears. And it takes a nation many years to rebuild its economy and infrastructure that has been destroyed during the war.


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