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Essay on “The game of cricket” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The game of cricket


       Cricket is one of the most popular games in India. Large percentage of people of all age groups are interested I watching this game. It is the outdoor game, which requires the most of the skill for playing. People of India are made about this game.

            Cricket requires a very large ground covered with smooth level, closely cut and well rolled turf. It is played with hard leather ball, bats made of willow wood fitted with one handle and wickets. There are two wickets, placed twenty two yard apart, each consisting of three short posts called stumps stuck upright in the ground and surmounted by two small wooden pegs called ‘bails’ Each match consist of two teams. Each team of eleven players each.

            The players consist of batsmen, bowlers and fielders. The game is played as follows: The bowler delivers the ball from one wicket to the batsman stationed at the opposite wicket. The object of the bowlers is to get the batsman out by striking his wicket with the ball so that the bails are knocked off or by forcing him to strike the ball up in air so that it can be caught by one of the fielders before it touches the ground. In either case, the batsman is ‘out’ and another of the same side must take his place. The object of the batsman is to defend his wicket and get as he can. A run is take when batsman strikes the bal to such a distance that he and his fellow batsman at the other end have time to run across teach others wicket. Every run counts a point and the side that gets the greatest number of runs before it is put out, wins the watch. The work of fielders is stop the ball or catch it. The fielder returns other ball to wicket keeper or bowler quickly so that the batsman gets no time to make a run.

            Cricket is a fine open air exercise. It is being promoted at a high level now days. Every youngster today is keen to become a cricketer.


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