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Essay on “The Fear of Examination” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Fear of Examination

Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared. It is because the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest can answer.

The fear of examinations saps the examinees’  courage. The bright as well as the weak tremble with the unexpected fear on the night before the examination. The night before the examination is a test of one’s fortitude and endurance. They prepare the selected questions holding their breaths. The brilliant ones are apprehensive of possible poor performance which will ruin their academic career. The best prepared are frightened to imagine in the forthcoming questions paper a few questions they will not be able to answer to their satisfaction. They want to prepare all questions and leave nothing to chance. What will happen if they leave out some questions and those very questions prop up their heads in the question paper? The mighty students become weak to think of the possible tragedy that may befall them.

The fear of examinations is all justified. The way the examinations are held are totally at fault. The present system of examination is an age- old process and does not hence suit the present circumstances. They  are not a real test of one’s abilities. It is simply a matter of chance. Even the dullest can score the highest marks if fortune favours him by putting before him the questions mugged by him by chance. How does a work of two hours test your one year’s toil? There is nothing scientific about the pattern of these examinations. Unless the pattern of examinations is changed suitably the fear of them cannot go. The examinations should be a healthy process of testing your ability not a fearful experience. Many a brilliant students are seen weeping before the day of examination. Then there is a success or a failure, quite contradictory to each other. Even a single mark can deiced your future career declaring you either competent or incompetent. It is all cruel.

As such it is the urgent need of the hour to rid the Education system of this fearful system of examination and replace it by an alternative method of evolution of a student’s ability in a healthy manner. It is a very old problem of our Educational system and needs attention of the experts as soon as possible.

Examinations fill us with fear because our future is linked up with them. Our complete involvement or complete indifference makes us shiver. The carefree one hardly remembers examination date- sheet. For a brilliant students the examination is ‘Now or Never’. For a poor one it is ‘Neither here nor anywhere’. The indifferent student looks upon each annual and supplementary examination as a festival which he gladly enjoys. I remember the parent of one such student. He tells his often failing child, “Don’t worry , examination comes after every six months unlike Kumbh Festival.”


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