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Essay on “The Craze for Fashion” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay No. 01

The Craze for Fashion


Fashion is a popular style of clothes hair etc. at a particular time or place. It does not remain static. Clothes mark out a man’s status. One should always try to present oneself in the most attractive dress appropriate for the occasion. One makes a first impression by the manner of one dress. The craze for fashion is great among young people. Gone are the days when people believed in simplicity. Everywhere people give attention to fashion now a day.

Basically man is fashionable because of his inherent desire to look good. People all over the world are fashion conscious. Fashion has spread in all the spares of our life. Fashion does not only mean a popular style of clothes or hair etc. but it also includes etiquette, manners and habits. Everybody wants to look beautiful and stylish. New and current style in clothes manners etc help people look smart, attractive, stylish and  presentable. Some people feel happy wearing fashionable dresses. Others go in for fashionable hair styles or both. Some others adopt the latest trend in their speech and manner.

Fashion designing today is a lucrative profession. Thousands of people are employed in this field. Dress making firms engage fashion designers and beautiful models to boost the sales of their dresses. Fashion parades and shows are held to exhibit the latest dresses. Fashion and modeling have generated a great deal of enthusiasm among young people for physical fitness.

The major cities of the world have become centers of high fashion. Dresses are designed to suit every occasion of life. There are specially designed outfits for different types of sports like tennis, athletics, football, swimming, etc. There are casual and formal outfits designed in the latest fashion. Pierre cardin, ritu beri,  versace etc, are some famous names in the world of fashion designing.

Fashion is unpredictable and keeps on changing according to the moods, fancies and ideas of the people. Films and cable T.V influence fashion. Fashion is also influenced by glossy colorful and eye catching textile advertisements and by articles in the fashion magazines, etc. The fashion is now changing more frequently due to awareness about the world of fashion,through fashion shows. In this fast changing world perhaps nothing changes faster than fashion.

The media plays an important role in the fashion boom. Various kinds of fashion magazines give us information about the latest fashions of the world. T.V programmes give live telecast of major fashion shows conducted not only in India but also in all parts of the world. These programmes provide a good idea about the fashion trends of the world. Fashion has become such an important part of the present day world that even in colleges there are frequent ramp shows for girls and boys.

Most youngsters regard smoking as a fashion. One can spot them in restaurants enjoying a smoke. They do not feel ashamed of this act. On the contrary they consider this as a status symbol. Some students even go to the extent of taking intoxicating drugs. They hardly realize the harmful effects of cigarettes and drugs on health.

Most people consider drinking as a part of fashion. They consider drinking as a symbol of modern society and high fashion. Drinking affects the health adversely. One should not fall prey to this habit in the name of fashion.

Today fashion designing and technology is an established branch of knowledge science and practice. It provides employment and business to millions of people throughout the world and there has been a huge investment  in fashion industry. Expert fashion designers not only cater to the taste of the people but also create fashion and taste and thereby earth huge profits. In India fashion industry is now booming.

Some institutes like National Institute of Fashion Technology and Indian Institute of Fashion Technology provide deferent courses in fashion designing and technology. Such courses have become very popular among youngsters. These courses help them to get lucrative jobs in India and also abroad.

Fashion also reflects progress and growth of civilization. It is a mark of social progress and prosperity. But fashion become harmful when turned into obsession. Then it means waste of time energy and money.

In western countries styles of clothing or fashion are continually evolving often reflecting broader shifts in modes, customs and attitudes. This was clearly seen in fashion during the twentieth century. The formal clothing of the e1900 gave way to more relaxed practical attire as many rigid social conventions disappeared. Women clothing in particular once restrictive and designed to preserve female modesty became freer and more revealing first in the 1920 and then in the decades following the Second World War.

There is nothing to be ashamed of being fashionable. But excess of everything is bad and should be avoided. To live in style dressing well and smartly makes life lively attractive inviting and zestful.. It is good to be fashionable but it is better to be simple and dignified. Fashion should be promoted to enrich our life not t degrade it.

Essay No. 02

Craze for Fashion

Fashion means to make things in life in such a way as are subject to change in form and style according to the prevailing traditions.  Fashions may be in dress, ornaments, hair style, customs, in food and drink, in amusements or in manners. Fashions change like wind which makes it difficult for man to keep pace with them. Fashion is found both among men and women. There is much craze for fashions among boys and girls. 

They watch T.V. programmes, see films and copy their style of talking, dress and walking style. They love dresses of the latest cuts and designs. They run after the new showy and eye-catching dresses. Girls move freely in new fashions like  butterflies. Boys too copy the film actors in their actions , costumes, hair style and even in walking. They keep long hair like girls. On  the other hand, girls like boy cut hairs and look boyish.

Boys and Girls have made it a fashion to talk about cricket matches and films. It is the fashion for them to drive two wheelers at the high speed. They have also made it fashion talk to their parents in English style instead  of   respecting them like Indians. They have made it fashion to run down their elders. There is no harm in changing fashions but excess of everything is bad. The craze for fashion must no go too far.

People feel that fashion is an indication of good taste. But fashion has no fixed standard. There is so quick change in the fashion that common man suffers a lot. It becomes very difficult to cope with the modern fashion. Even youths belonging to the poor class of society are seen joining the race of fashion. It is a direct impact of the cable T.V. culture which had invaded the Indian culture. It has given rise to various crimes among the youth. Finding themselves unable to cope up with the  pressing demand of modern fashion they fall into bad ways to earn a fast buck. The trend is gaining momentum in this society thus giving a bad taste to otherwise a  healthy changing society.

The  change in the fashion is the result of man’s love for novelty. There is an instinct in man to look like hero. The films have contributed a lot towards fashion.  Fashion has developed into a major industry in modern times. Great personalities are involved in the technology of fashion. It has become a big craze to be a part of this industry. Fashion design and technology is the order of the day. Still sanity lies in maintaining a moderate trend in this field and not go mad after it and ignore the old cherished Indian culture.     


Essay No. 03


Fashion Craze in Indian Women

Today, people aspire to be someone famous. And, to become ‘that someone’, they’re willing to pay a premium for quality, design and exclusivity. Be it the contemporary housewife, a sophisticated or the next generation of working class, they all want the best in life. “Today people, in one word, want glamour. Anything written on celebrity, fashion and social revelry etc. is received with great delight. By giving the readers’ what they want media whets their appetite for it. Then follows the vicious circle of desiring more and more. So media goes on providing the same.

Let’s take up growing awareness about fashion among youngsters. Media has given a boost to the fashion industry, to the fashion shows. The fashion industry is at its peak with Indian couture catching the fancy of the fashion gurus all across the globe. Beauty pageants have helped in promoting it. More and more youngsters are getting pulled in by the glamour of lights, camera, grease pint and fame. Young girls are being lured to the showbiz. Almost every young girl wants to be a slim trim, sexy model dancing on ramp, or wants to get a “Miss ….” Crown on her head. Since the last 4-5 years , the whole scenario of beauty pageants and fashion industry has just turned on.

Beauty contests sprout like common weeds today. Every small dance and college wants to organize one and of course everybody wants to participate in it. Well , from an ordinary looking girl to a “crowned ideal woman” , it’s a long process. The body beautiful is carefully crafted in the beauty fact Dry, to be sold ata beauty mela. A successful sale helps it to lure millions of others back to the beauty industry. Except for a woman’s height which is non negotiable, everything else can be altered’.

Through aggressive advertising the beauty industry has been very successful in convincing women of the ‘Ideal Woman’ myth. It has made the woman’s body into a commodity which should” meet a standard i.e. of queen’s. Every woman desires to look beautiful, sensuous and she feels insecure if she does not meet this standard. Perhaps this insecurity persuades women to buy beauty aids with often false claims of “removing wrinkles”, “changing skin complexion” or “making one fair”. But there is the other side of the woman, the true Indian woman in picture. The Indian woman, who hopes that her husband’s longevity is increased by larger dot on her forehead, who has no idea of her rights. She just knows giving and giving. Whenever any association opposes the beauty pageants or fashion shows, our ‘Miss Indias and crown girls’ do talk about feminism and women’s rights but has any celebrity model expressed any anguish at the higher rate of infant mortality among girls in rural areas? Did anyone mention a sharp declining male-female ratio, existing female infanticide and increased selective abortion of the female foetus through sex determination? Did these models even know that every hour a woman is raped and every 10 minutes a crime is committed on women somewhere in her country?

Hard-earned money that could have been spent on nourishing food to bring on a natural healthy look is used for buying artificial blushes and skin nourishers. These artificial aids only worsen the condition if a woman’s general health is bad. Women groups and activists are objecting mainly to the ‘commodification’ of women as sex objects. “Women should be free to decide which beauty products to use. They should not be conditioned by advertising and a beauty contest culture.

Mothers breast feed their baby girls for lesser anount of time than baby boys, this reflects the strong desire for sons. If women are particularly anxious to have a male child, they may deliberately try to become pregnant again as soon as possible after a female is born. Conversely, women may consciously seek to avoid another pregnancy after the birth of a male child in order to give maximum attention to the new son.” A study in Punjab shows that medical expenditures for boys are 2.3 times higher than for girls. Why a woman does so? Obviously, to fulfil her patriarchal family wishes.

There are too many contrasts between the typical Indian woman and modern outgoing Indian woman. Should we say that womanhood has been divided in between two polarities? Between big dot on forehead and the hair style where vermillion finds no place. The point is not to follow centuries old customs, but to maintain the grace and dignity of womanhood. To maintain herself in such way, her presence gives a feeling of proud of being a woman, no matter she be in any corner of the world.

We must learn to accept women in all their diversity—tall, short, thin, fat, white or black….Let’s try to understand in real terms that “Beauty is not in the body but in the mind.” Let’s try to improve women’s living conditions in real picture.


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