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Essay on “The Annual School Sports Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Annual School Sports Day

Essay No. 01

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” Therefore our school has made a very good arrangement for games and sports. Games are played daily. Sports are arranged every now and then. Every year annual sports are held.

The annual sports Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Students’ guardians and other persons are invited. Flags are pitched in the fields. Teachers and students are on duty. Teachers of  other schools are called to act as judges. Every sportsman wears a white banyan and a white shirt. A great man is invited to preside over the function. This year the District Magistrate was invited.

The Annual School Sports Day is celebrated in our school with great preparations. This day gives us a great pleasure. We are full of joy on that day. The 15th December was our sports day this year.

As usual an interesting programme was made for the day. We got printed copies of the programme. The principal invited parents also. The senior P.T.I. was incharge of the whole show. The sports began exactly at 10 A.M.

First of all, the athletes taking part in different events, staged a march past. The Principal of the school took the salute. Then the sports began.

The first item was the races. There were 100 metres race, the 400 metres race and the 880 metres race and five kilometers race. The five kilometers race was a great fun. The hurdle race was also enjoyable. It was a great fun to see the boys running was also enjoyable. It was a great fun to see the boys running with their hands tied backward. It was a great fun when boys jumped to pluck an apple tied higher up. When they tried to find biscuit under flour, their faces were covered with flour.

Then began to slow cycle race, Ravi, my friend, won it. The three kilometers cycle race was worth seeing. Many cyclists took part in it. It was won by Raj Gupta.

After the races came the jumps- the long jumps, the high jumps and the pole jumps. These item were also very interesting.

Then came the item for strong and healthy boys- the shot put, the discus throw, and the javelin throw. I did not take part in these items.

Again we had the most interesting item. It was the weight. Lifting. Arun had won the junior championship in this item last year. He went into the arena. He had a muscular body. He lifted the weights with great ease.

We were waiting for the teacher’s race. All the teachers took part in it. It was won by our P.T.I. Shri Rana.

The sports finished at 5 P.M. The Principal requested the District Magistrate to give away the Prizes. The competitors stood in a semi – circle. They came one by one to take their prizes. The principal then thanked the District Magistrate. The school was closed for a day.

The prize distribution followed the sports. Arun was considered the best athlete of the school. The P.T.I. received his prize a little doll. Everybody congratulated him. After this, the students got packet of sweets each . we returned home happily. 


Essay No. 02

The Annual Sports Day

The Annual Sports day in our school was held last Monday. It was held in the school playground. A pandal was set up for the guests, including the chief guest to sit in the shade.

The whole school ground was tastefully decorated with flags, bunting and balloons.

Mrs. Sudesh Kurnari, the Hon’ble Minister of Sports, was the chief guest. She arrived at 10 a.m. sharp, the scheduled time. She was received at the gate by the school reception committee comprising the Principal, the Vice-Principal, the Secretary, Managing Committee, some senior teachers and the student representatives besides the director, physical education. She was garlanded and snaps were taken.

First started the march past. The sports flame was lighted by Mr Pradeep Kumar, the best athlete of the school. The events started immediately thereafter.

First started the athletic races. These included a hundred metre race, a two hundred metre race, a five hundred metre race and finally a two thousand metre race. I took part in the two hundred metre race and won the second prize.

My friend, Sucheta took part in the cycle race and won the first prize. Several students took part in the sack race, hurdle race, discus throw, shot putt, hammer throw, long jump, etc. The teachers acted as judges.

In the end, the Director Physical Education read out the achievements of the school in the field of sports during the year. Then the Principal and the President Managing Committee made short speeches.

The chief guest gave away the prizes. In her speeches, she appreciated the achievements of the school in the field of sports during the year.

She wished that all the students should take part in sports.


Essay No. 03


Sports Day in My School


Every school celebrates its Sports Day and, to this all, the children very longingly look forward to. My school the St. Andrews Sr. Secondary School also has its Sports Day every year sometime in the month of November. The month of November is earmarked for the occasion, as, at this time, the weather is congenial for a long span of games on the field. When this day is about to come, there appears to be a lot of activity in the entire school premises as, arrangements take time. And so there is a lot of overtime beyond the scheduled hours of routine work.

Weeks before the Sports Day, children start giving their names for different events, and then, after the school hours, practices start. The children, who do not participate in any events, get other duties of the like of making relevant charts, making lists of games and participants etc. It is obvious that something is on for, at least for a fortnight before the event, studies are put as if on the hold, except of course for the STDs X and XII. The rest of the school is seen bustling with enjoyment and merriment for all enjoy such events. All the children, all the teachers and even all the other non-teaching staff seems to busy with some work or the other. This is because everyone yes, everyone is assigned a duty to see that the Day passes off well.

After a fortnight of being over busy with the preparations for the Sports Day, at last the day arrives. The lawns are so very meticulously done up, white chalk powder lines are installed for different events. Victory stands are beautifully done up to make the victors feel proud of being there after the events. All the children are so well groomed in their white uniforms that, it is a sight to watch and admire. To cap it all, the staff members are also very smartly dressed especially those involved with the different events they blend so well with the smart children that, the total effect is just smashing.

The day starts with the usual Assembly and then, all of us are instructed to go to our allotted places on the lawn, class wise. There are volunteers from the senior children who guide the smaller ones to their respective places and soon all is set as per the plan. As soon as all is settled, the Chief Guest arrives, and the Principal goes out to receive him/ her. The Chief Guest is taken to the dais and as soon as he/ she is settled, the Principal says a few words to introduce the guest to all, and requests him to say a few words and declare the Sports open. Now, the guest speaks usually on the importance of Sports and Sports Day, and declares the opening of the function. As soon as these two important speeches are over, the Chief Guest declares the Sports Day open, and there and then the events start.

One by one the events take place in a very well disciplined manner and the winners listed and made to stand on the Victory Stand and cheered by one and all. The games and Sports last for about two hours and then comes the most interesting moment of the function the moment of appreciating the winners by awarding them gifts and prizes, cups and shields. This is the ultimate moment of pleasure for winners when, amidst loud clapping and shouting of cheers, they get their rewards for their good work from the Chief Guest.

Even though I am not a very great enthusiast of games or sports, I just love this day and look forward to it through the year. I also make it a point to attend school on this day every year though I never participate. The thrill, the excitement, and then, the pleasure of winning are all moments worth seeing and enjoying. I love to see my friends and others participating with their hearts and souls with a complete involvement in the games. Their victory boosts up even my morale. Every year, after seeing this event, I decide that, I should also try to take part, but, the enthusiasm soon fades away as, I must admit that, I am not too keen a lover or fan of sports and games. I do love to watch it all but, I never feel the urge to participate.


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