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Essay on “Science and Technology for Peace” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Science and Technology for Peace

Ever since the beginning of civilisation man has tried to conquer the forces of nature. Science and technology have come to man’s aid in different forms at different times. For what were the ancient weapons, whether made of stone or metal, except the means to establish man’s supremacy over his environment? Or the invention of the wheel that was to make travel and communication speedier? Man has always been in quest for improving his lot and today he has come a long way from his primitive and outdated findings in the fields of science and technology.

Today, we have the best of everything. Science and technology have cut across all barriers; our lives are more comfortable, healthy and enjoyable. We can not only travel faster from one continent to another on this planet, we have established research stations in the space also. Space travel may soon become a reality. Some diseases, which were considered incurable until a few years ago, are easily and effectively cured today. More harvests are yielded by the same land area and our cities are growing vertically in the shape of skyscrapers. The modern man has, indeed, come a long way from the stone age.

But, alas, man has started using his knowledge of science and technology for his own annihilation at the same time. Science and technology are being increasingly used for the destruction of mankind in the shape of nuclear bombs and missiles. We have not been judicious about exploiting science and technology for the benefit of mankind only. We have forgotten the lessons of Nagasaki and Hiroshima so soon.

Better sense should prevail now. Our scientists and technologists should acquaint the world with the beneficial uses of their findings and researches during peacetime. The under-developed and developing countries of the world can be shown the way to better the lot of their people through agriculture, weather forecast, health services, education and employment opportunities. It is the duty of the “haves” to help the “have nots” if we wish to spread the benefits of science and technology for the betterment of the human lot. The developed countries rivalries and helping the developing countries can play a leading role in this field by cutting across their mutual rivalries and helping the developing countries to improve their lot. Complete disarmament should be immediately agreed upon and the funds earmarked for weapon systems utilised for peaceful purposed.

On its part, India has always stood for peace in the world. Even, our nuclear programme is geared towards the end. The world today, as it stands on the brink of nuclear disaster, needs more right-thinking powers like India to disseminate science and technology for peaceful purposes. The world must be made a happier place to live in. And this can be done by using science and-technology for peace.


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