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Essay on “Science and Religion” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Science and Religion

Essay No. 01

Science and religion seem to be antagonistic to each other. But intrinsically, their purpose is the same – that is, to make life happy and worth living. Both claim to be based on truth, though their methods are different.

There are many similarities and dissimilarities between science and religion. The basis of science in earliest stages at least, is believed to have been observation and experience , and it is quite is believed to have been observation and experience, and it is quite understandable that man must have been observing the natural phenomena and having some experiences of  varied type. Yet, religion is believed to be much older than science. It is because religion is primarily based on belief and faith which later took the shape of magic. But science in its tangible form came to be recognized later.

 It is now almost established that man has evolved from other species after the passage of numerous millenniums. As he appeared on the earth  in the present human form, he was awed to watch    the lightening in the sky followed by a loud thunder. As he moved on the earth, he came across or experienced floods and forest fires such things and happenings. He began  to feel and realize and associate his own life and fate in the hands of some invisible power who perhaps he gave the name  of God. The fact that the name of God in different vernaculars, languages and dialects exists almost all over the world in all religions, among all races and countries, means that either all mankind was thinking alike at one or the other time or the people  in different regions or areas of the world were having some communication system even unconsciously, may be in the form of conveying of some fact, information, secret or the writing process, as we know , came much later, indeed, recently only.

Whatever might be the origin of science and religion. The main point is their area of activity and their method of working.

Science makes a man rational and free-minded. Religion wants man to believe blindly in what he is told to be true and worthy of being  practiced. Science asks questions and puts every thesis or proposal to test. Religion abhors such methods.

Science believes in logical experimented and wants to declare something truthful and true if it comes out finally resultant of the it irrespective of the outcome of investigation, inquiry or experiment.

So, religion and science both are complementary to each other. For mankind, both are required in equal measure and simultaneously. Thus intrinsically , both are essential for man. 


Essay No. 02


Science and Religion


According to H.G. Wells, “Modern Science is a strange paradox. On the one side it has opened a vista of celestial blessings and comforts on earth having conquered Time, Distance and Space, thereby translating ‘impossibility’ into ‘possibility’ while on the other, it has corrupted man to the bassets degree, having made him a brute of the most formidable type”. Science is the religion of the known and religion is the science of the unknown. Science as well as religion aim at the investigation of the truth for the promotion of human happiness. Their destination is one but their approach, scope and manner of enquiry is different. Dissociated from ethics and philosophy, science becomes a religion of power. Its function is to harness the forces of nature and it teaches its devotees to discover more and more sources of power.

Every great religion is facing a major crisis today. These crises arise from persecution by the followers of some other religion. Even the threat of communism itself has developed many characteristics of a religion with its own scripture and rival high priests claiming infallibility. It arises rather from the impact on modern life of science and technology that is transforming the world before our very eyes. The old world is collapsing and the new one is struggling to be born, and we find ourselves precariously squeezed between the past and the future. The rapid growth of science has changed the face of the earth beyond recognition. It has bestowed unheard of comforts and conveniences on mankind. The wonders of science have bewildered man and he has begun to enjoy innumerable benefits of science in his daily life. Time and distance, disease and pain, were rapidly conquered and man seemed to be the master of his surroundings. These developments gave rise in some circles to the belief that man is all powerful and God is a superfluous concept. People lost faith in Heaven or Hell, God or the supreme power. Religion seemed to be unnecessary and the Church began to lose the respect and power it had once enjoyed. Religion seemed to be dethroned from the hearts man and Science began to reign in its place.

But the path of Science did not ultimately prove as smooth as its worshippers had thought it to be. It turned out to be a mixed blessing. It did provide some physical comforts but at the cost of man’s moral and spiritual development. It turned man into a sceptic, a creature without any faith and lofty ideas to inspire and guide him. The loss of such faith brought the baser instincts of his nature into free play. Man took to dishonesty, selfishness and pride. It destroyed man’s simple faith, fellow feeling, affection and kindness.

In fact, science alone cannot give peace and happiness to mankind. Science must be related to religion. Mere Science makes man materialistic and myopic, but religion upholds his faith in the higher spiritual value of life. It must be admitted that there are more things in Heaven and on Earth than science can dream of, The beauty and mystery of human life and its spiritual and moral values are lost if men are guided entirely day science , And without moral and spiritual value man’s life is no better than that of a beast. It is on account of this neglect of moral and spiritual aspect of life that science has been applied for destructive and immoral purposes during the twentieth century. If this state of affairs continues, science will bring about the complete ruin of mankind and civilisation. Those, who think that science and religion are discordant and cannot flourish side by side, are totally mistaken, Einstein always believed, “A great scientific discovery is a matter of religious insight.” Dr. C.V. Raman has remarked, “My great discoveries have not come to me in my laboratories, but during the time I was away from them basking in the sunshine of a sea beach”, Science and religion, in fact, supplement each other. To those, who seek material comfort, science is the answer, and to all those, who esteem spiritual comfort, religion is the saviour. Their spheres are different. If they do not trespass into each other’s sphere, no cause of conflict between the two will be left. Both will maintain their parallel courses which, however, will never converge. In order to face life successfully, the spirit and the flesh are to be kept in a creative harmony.


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